What are the Best Methods for Watering Grass?

Harriette Halepis

Watering grass is a lot more complex than it seems. While most homeowners do not want to use too much water, neglecting to use an efficient amount of water can be just as detrimental. As a general rule of thumb, grass must be watered each week. The most effective method to water grass depends upon the type of grass that you have.

Many people choose sprinklers to water their grass.
Many people choose sprinklers to water their grass.

Warm weather grass often requires more water than cold weather grass. The ever-popular Bermuda grass will quickly brown during the hot summer months unless it is watered regularly. The best type of grass to choose is a grass that will thrive in your particular climate. While some hot weather grasses may look good, these types tend to be finicky. Unless you are willing to spend a large amount of time, and money, on your lawn, choose a grass that is native to your geographical location.

Essentially, any type of watering method will work for all lawns. Whether you choose to use a sprinkler or an irrigation system is up to you and your budget, but the most important thing to remember is to stick to a routine. Watering grass continuously is far better than watering it intermittently.

Also, pay attention to the kind of soil that you have. Some soil types will retain water far better than others, so this is something to keep in mind if you are planting new grass. Most experts agree that loam is the best type of soil to use. When you do begin to water your lawn, try to remember not to add too much water at once. Flooding your lawn with water will simply cause excess water to run off of your grass.

Most of the time, watering grass can easily become a part of your weekly home maintenance routine. If grass appears brown, curled, or if your footsteps do not disappear when you walk on your grass, then it's time to water your lawn. Otherwise, stick to a regular watering routine, and make sure that your grass is watered when you are away.

Lawn sprinklers are ideal when they are attached to a timer that automatically waters your grass at a specific time each day. Likewise, an in-ground lawn irrigation system will prove effortless when it comes to watering grass, though this is a costly option. Watering grass with a hose is not as effective as a sprinkler or irrigation system, though this method will work if water is carefully distributed.

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