What Are the Best Methods for Reducing Scar Tissue?

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There are many methods that can be safely and effectively used for reducing scar tissue. The best method depends on the type of injury, the patient’s history of scarring, and the age of the scar. New scars can be treated with vitamins and ointments that can increase healing speed and prevent the buildup of too many skin cells, while older scars can be reduced through the use of topical treatments or plastic surgery. A treatment regime that begins as the scar is forming and continues for many months is the best method for reducing scar tissue.

Both new and old scars can be treated with a number of different topical ointments, though these treatments are most effective when used on younger scars. Antihistamine creams can be used to reduce swelling and eliminate itching, which can lead to unintentional scratching and further damage to the skin. Natural treatments can be applied topically to new scars as well, including the extract of the aloe vera plant and vitamin E or K creams. In new scars that are swelling severely, injections of antihistamines can be given at the site of the injury.


People with severe injuries, such as burns, and those with a history of severe scarring, such as keloid scarring that extends past the original injury site, may be advised to begin treating a scar soon after the skin has closed following an injury. Applying a steady pressure to the area of injury is a useful treatment because it can keep additional skin cells from forming along the scar. The use of silicone can also help reduce this accumulation.

In the case of severe scars or old scars that do not respond to other treatments, plastic surgery can reduce scar tissue. A surgeon can use a skin graft to cover a large scar or can recut and reseal a scar that has healed poorly. Of course, the surgery will create additional scarring, though the intent is for the scarring to be considerably less noticeable than the old scarring. A patient can work on further reducing scar tissue by following good practices for the care of newly forming scars as the surgery scars heal.


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I was attacked by a pit bull seven months ago, and four of the five bites which I received have healed with small smooth scars. The fifth which is in the arch of my left foot has an area of scar tissue which is sometimes painful. I have been massaging it nightly and wonder whether there is any way to reduce the bump?

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