What are the Best Methods for Organizing Small Spaces?

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Organizing small spaces can be done in many different, effective ways depending on the rooms and preferred decor style. Generally, vertical shelves and furniture pieces such as storage ottomans that do double duty are great storage solutions for small rooms. The best method to begin organizing small spaces is to consider all of the needed functions of the home. By understanding exactly what the space is used for and which items need storing, small areas can be easier to organize.

Using the general small room rule of maximizing vertical space, kitchen cupboards can be freed for more storage by hanging pots on a rack. The rack may be attached to the kitchen ceiling or to a wall. Cabinets with space on the top under the kitchen ceiling allow room to display and store decorative and less-used items. Living room shelving units or armoires that are close to ceiling height offer the maximum storage when organizing small spaces. Smaller bins or baskets can be added to either open shelving or placed inside closed units to store all types of smaller items, such as DVDs, craft supplies, games and children's toys.


Children's toys organized into baskets or bins placed in rows on lower shelves both in their rooms and in a family or living room usually work well for small family spaces. Framing and hanging children's artwork serves the double purpose of organizing the work, plus personalizing a small living space. Vertical bathroom shelving, either built-in or purchased ready-made, can neatly hold all types of bathroom clutter. Organizing small spaces in closets definitely means getting a closet system. Rather than just a standard closet rod, organization systems for closets typically have a middle bar to fit twice as many clothes into the same vertical area.

Dual purpose furniture pieces such as benches with a lift-up seat for storage inside can be great organizers in small rooms. Nightstands with drawers can give maximum bedroom storage as can tall rather than low dressers. Large decorative boxes, such as embossed metal or carved wood, used as accessories are also excellent items for organizing small spaces, as they can hold odds and ends of clutter, such as television remotes, out of sight.

It's important to be creative when organizing small spaces to add big personality to tinier homes. For example, even if a living room is small, it can look larger if most of the furniture is angled rather than placed against all of the walls. A large mirror propped against one wall that reflects a window can make the room appear to be much larger as well as airier.


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Post 2

Sometimes when you have a small space, you have to be very choosy about what you choose to keep or not. I would rather have a clean look with less clutter, than a messy over crowded look. If they are items that hold a lot of sentimental value for you, you can keep them in a safe place until you have more room for them.

The more room we have, the more we tend to buy, so small space living can have its advantages. I know I am much less tempted to go shopping if I don't have the space to put something and will just make do with what I have.

Post 1

When I am decorating a tiny room or organizing a small space, I try to find pieces that are not only decorative, but also functional. Many nice pieces of furniture can also be used for some kind of storage which helps keep clutter at a minimum.

We seem to accumulate many magazines, and I have a coffee table where you can also place magazines underneath the table. This way you can leave them out for while, but have a neat place to keep them stored. Purchasing ottomans that have storage space inside them is another great way to keep your living room neat.

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