What are the Best Laundry Tips?

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The best laundry tips can help even seasoned homemakers get articles of clothing cleaner by removing stains, eliminating static cling, and brightening and softening laundered items. Other laundry tips deal with decisions like whether to use a laundromat or a home washer and dryer system. Doing laundry with an eye toward energy and cost efficiency can also become much easier with the use of laundry tips.

In order to achieve the best cleansing for a load of laundry, make sure to pack the washer to just capacity: an overloaded washer often won't clean clothes properly, while an underloaded washer tends to waste water, power, and detergent. Laundering clothes in the warmest water the fabric can tolerate is a good tip for getting fabrics as clean and hygienic as possible. Washing delicate clothes in cold water on a gentle cycle, however, can be a great tip for extending the life of the items. A stain-removing spray or stick can often lift stains, but attending to them as soon as they occur is best. For specific stains, try searching for customized tips; for example, soaking a blood stain in cold water can prevent it from setting, while club soda, salt, and even white wine are sometimes recommended for removing wine stains.


Unlike those designed to improve cleansing, some laundry tips are designed to save money or household resources. These may include purchasing washers and dryers that are energy efficient, and searching for sales or deals that allow you to purchase them at reasonable cost. Most front-loading washers use less water and energy than top-loading machines do. They also require less detergent and fabric softener, so they are typically much more cost-effective to run than top-loading machines are.

If your home is on a self-contained septic system, limiting the number of loads of laundry you do in a 24-hour period is generally an important tip for extending the life of your septic system. Septic tanks usually have difficulty processing high volumes of waste water in short periods of time, especially if the solids in the septic tank are too near the top. Doing a few loads of laundry each day instead of many at once will allow the septic system to operate more efficiently.

When doing laundry in a public laundromat, vigilance and courtesy are generally considered useful laundry tips. Inspecting a washer or dryer before using it is important since the previous customer may have used dyes or bleaches that could damage your clothing. In some areas where oil rig workers or mechanics are employed, crude oil or automotive grease residue might be left behind in a commercial washing machine. Soiled machines should be reported to laundromat staff, as should damaged or nonfunctional machines.


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