What are the Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas?

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The best kitchen renovation ideas usually include updating cabinetry, floors, counters and appliances. This type of home renovation can help increase property value since buyers prefer updated kitchens as well as bathrooms. A main point to remember when planning a kitchen renovation is to understand which results will be fine with a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and which will require professional contractors to complete. In the early stages of planning, kitchen renovation ideas should be considered as options before making the final selections.

All ideas, such as types of appliances, flooring, cabinetry and counter options, should relate to the particular kitchen's best work flow. One often mentioned concept when kitchen renovation ideas are discussed is steps between appliances. A well-functioning kitchen is said to be one in which the walking distance between the appliances and the sink is minimal. This time-saving appeal is one of the reasons kitchen islands are popular.


Adding an island can be one of the best kitchen renovation ideas if space allows. The top of a kitchen island provides extra counter space for chopping vegetables, rolling out pastry dough and many other cooking or baking tasks. Since kitchen islands are self-standing and not against the wall like standard counters, they offer cooks the ability to work on tasks from different angles. Since the location of the island is usually across from the sink, plus within steps of all of the appliances, this feature can make a kitchen better-functioning. If more eating space is desired as one of the reasons for a kitchen renovation, one side on an island can be made into a breakfast bar with stools for seating.

When all the appliances in a kitchen require replacing as part of the renovation plan, it's often a good idea to buy them as a set from the same manufacturer and distributor. Appliance stores often have sales that offer great savings if a fridge, stove and dishwasher made by the same manufacturer are purchased at one time. Such money saving kitchen renovation ideas can stretch the remodeling budget to allow more changes to be made. Changing the counter tops in a kitchen is one of the best ideas, as it's a popular update for both the present household as well as future home buyers.

If a kitchen renovation budget doesn't allow for both the floors and the cabinets to be replaced, it's usually better to choose the flooring. This is due to the fact that, in many cases, resurfacing, rather than replacing, cabinetry tends to be one of the best kitchen renovation ideas. Restaining kitchen cabinetry and updating the door and drawer hardware can often make a stunning difference at a fraction of the price of replacing the cupboards.


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