What Are the Best Ideas for Weaving for Kids?

Patti Kate

For planning fun and exciting craft projects including weaving for kids, the child should become involved in selecting materials and choosing a theme. A theme might focus on a specific holiday or event, or the weaving project can be for a birthday or thank you gift. Weaving for kids may include basic, intermediate, or advanced projects, so it's best to keep the project age appropriate. Very young children can create simple projects using construction paper, while older kids may use strips of leather, cord, or other materials.

A dream catcher made by a child.
A dream catcher made by a child.

Children in the classroom or at home can learn the importance of recycling while participating in a fun craft, such as weaving for kids. The parent or teacher can allow the child to choose recycled materials for his project. For example, a woven potholder can be made with organic or recycled cotton yarn.

Many craft stores sell simple looms for beginners.
Many craft stores sell simple looms for beginners.

Weaving for kids can also include educational projects. For example, a weaving project may include making a dream catcher, which is a native American accessory. The dream catcher may be made with various-sized hoops and recycled hemp, as well as beads and feathers, which are added for ornate decoration. This weaving project for kids teaches about native American culture and traditions. A dream catcher is said to filter out bad dreams while allowing the good dreams to be captured in the woven web of hemp or string.

Weaving with beads is a popular among children.
Weaving with beads is a popular among children.

Many craft stores sell supplies for children's weaving projects. Weaving for kids of all ages may include the use of colorful beads. Young children learning to read can use alphabet letter beads and numbered beads. Simple weaving projects for young children may include a beaded key chain or key ring, made with lettered beads that spell the child's name. Additionally, a lanyard for wearing a key around the neck may be woven from strips of leather, hemp, or other material.

Craft stores and flea markets may have bargain bins containing accessories for weaving projects. A large bag of colorful cotton or nylon loops are inexpensive and make excellent material for kids' weaving projects. These can be used to weave bracelets or hair accessories and are often found in various sizes.

For more creative ideas in weaving for kids, the library may have books in the arts and craft section. Weaving for kids may also be taught in instructional videos. These can be excellent tools when organizing activities for a children's craft class.

Weaving might include wool yarn.
Weaving might include wool yarn.

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We use to weave chain lengths with construction paper to decorate for holidays and birthdays. It was so interesting and fun that I have taught kids that I babysit how to make these crafts. Weaving projects also teaches kids patience, artistic skills, and manual dexterity.


Kids also enjoy weaving with yarn to make a variety of items. One way to get them interested is to give them options of a wide variety of colors to choose from. Not only are kids attracted to colorful yarn, but having many options give them more opportunities to personalize the things they make with their favorite colors.

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