What Are the Best Ideas for Making Lobster Dip?

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Typically rich and hearty, lobster dip is used as an appetizer and can be served with chips or most types of bread. The dip can be made with fresh, shredded lobster or lobster cut in chunks. Imitation lobster is sometimes used in different types of lobster dips. When searching for the best lobster dip, it is important to consider the lobster season, where the lobster is caught, and the dishes that will be served with it.

Fresh or imitation lobster can be featured in lobster dips. Imitation lobster can be bought in cans like tuna or in bags, which are located in the refrigerator sections of supermarkets. Fresh lobster is generally preferred over the imitation lobster, but either can be used for creating a lobster dip. The most common types of fresh lobster are American Maine lobster caught off the coast of Maine and spiny lobster typically found off the coast of California and in the Caribbean. Spiny lobsters have no claws, and the meat is mostly in their tails.


Many people add spices to the dip to create a certain taste, so creole seasoning can be added to create a Cajun taste. Some like lobster fondue, which is made from melted cheese with chunks of lobster meat. It is a good rule to add the lobster after the cheese has melted because adding the the meat early on could cause it to be overcooked and rubbery. Adding curry and coconut to the dip will infuse an Asian culinary taste. This can be a good choice when paired with other Asian cuisine dishes.

Lobster is more plentiful and less expensive when it is in season. The biggest season for Maine lobster is during the fall, which is when they have their largest harvest. There are many fishermen that are able to harvest all year long, but the biggest time of the year for this type of lobster is in September and October. Spiny lobster is also found to be in higher quantities during the fall season.

Lobster dip is best when served with complementary dishes. Some like to serve the dip as an appetizer along with bread or pita chips. Others like to include the dip with the main entrée. Depending upon what seasonings are added to the lobster dip, there are endless choices of entrées to serve the dip with. Serving the dip with seafood is most common, although there are many choices that work well with lobster dip.


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