What Are the Best Ideas for Combining Oatmeal and Cottage Cheese?

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Oatmeal and cottage cheese may seem like an odd combination, but the two foods can actually pair very well together in many ways. When combining cottage cheese and hot oatmeal, one can mix in fruit, jam, or honey to sweeten up the dish. Oatmeal is also commonly added to pancake mix and cottage cheese to create a unique and healthful batch of breakfast pancakes. There are numerous ways oatmeal and cottage cheese can be combined, and many find the mixture to be both flavorful and healthy.

The most obvious way to combine cottage cheese and oatmeal is to simply add the cheese to a hot bowl of oatmeal. Many prefer to leave the dish as it is, while others like to add sugar, milk, fruit, cream, or honey to the oatmeal and cheese combination. The two foods pair well with each other because they are both soft in texture and the mildness of cottage cheese will not overpower the oats. This dish also pairs well with a dash of cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries, or brown sugar.


Pancakes can also be made using oatmeal and cottage cheese as ingredients. Oatmeal flakes, cottage cheese, egg whites, ground cinnamon, and vanilla extract are all combined and blended into a smooth mixture before being cooked into cakes and served. Instant pancake mix can also be used with the cheese and oatmeal. This type of pancake goes well with maple or fruit syrup, but can also be eaten plain if desired.

Oatmeal and cottage cheese can also be cooked into small breakfast bars similar in texture to banana bread. These are made by combining cottage cheese, oats, sugar, milk, vanilla, and egg whites and baking these ingredients until a golden brown crust forms on the edges. After the dish has cooled, it is cut into small bars and garnished with berries, jam, bananas, or honey. Cottage cheese and oatmeal bars can also be eaten plain if preferred.

Combining oatmeal with cottage cheese also provides many health benefits. Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium, while oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber. Both foods are extremely versatile and can be eaten with many other provisions such as fruit, vegetables, and breads. Yogurt, fruit, and other breakfast or dessert foods go well with oatmeal and cottage cheese, but both can be used in savory dishes, as well. One can get creative with recipes and may decide to experiment with additional ingredients when cooking with cottage cheese and oatmeal.


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Post 3

I thought I was the only one who puts cottage cheese in oatmeal! I'm glad to hear that other people like this too.

My staple breakfast item is oatmeal made with milk, dried blueberries and honey, with a spoon or two of cottage cheese on top. Yummy!

Post 2

@turkay1-- I hope you give oatmeal and cottage cheese a try sometime because it's delicious. I know it's not how most people eat their oatmeal, but it's surprisingly tasty. It's probably also the healthiest breakfast ever.

If you don't like the idea of mixing cooked oatmeal with cottage cheese, you can try roasting the oatmeal or even using granola instead. I think the crunch of the oatmeal and the softness of cottage cheese go great together. I like roasting my oatmeal with some brown sugar and cinnamon, and adding cottage cheese and apple pieces to it. It's amazing!

Post 1

I like oatmeal and cottage cheese separately but I don't think I could ever combine them. I think just the sight of mixed cooked oatmeal and cottage cheese would gross me out. I know it's healthy to eat them together because one is a complex carb and the other a protein, but I can't do it.

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