What are the Best Homeopathic Gout Treatments?

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There are several homeopathic gout treatments frequently recommended by holistic doctors and practitioners, including the use of belladonna, colchicum, and calcarea fluorica. When choosing a homeopathic treatment, the practitioner not only considers the condition and symptoms of the disease but also the personality and emotions of the patient. This approach is believed to promote more effective healing by treating the patient as a whole, as opposed to only addressing the illness. The natural remedies for gout are intended to lessen and eliminate the redness, pain, and extreme tenderness associated with this condition. It is common for gout to affect the big toe, fingers, and other joints of the body.

Many holistic doctors choose to treat gout with herbal medications derived from the herb belladonna. It is most frequently used for patients experiencing sudden onset gout with sharp, shooting pains radiating from the point of infection. The affected joints are likely to appear red and inflamed, and the skin may appear shiny in appearance. People who benefit from belladonna treatments often report feeling hot and restless, and appear to be flushed. The specific dose recommended will depend on the severity of the gout, how well the patient tolerated the treatment, and the patient's overall health.


Colchicum is another commonly used homeopathic gout treatment, and it is often used when the pain and swelling manifests in the big toe or heel of the patient. This natural gout treatment is effective for patients who experience pain more frequently in the evening and night hours, as well as when the joint is moved or touched. The affected joints will appear red, inflamed, and feel hot to the touch. Patients affected by toe or foot gout often report difficulties walking and participating in normal activities due to discomfort. Colchicum is most appropriate for patients who often feel cold and suffer from a lack of energy.

Another type of homeopathic gout remedy is calcarea fluorica. This treatment is ideal for gout cases of the fingers, toes, and knees when the pain is characterized by a stabbing sensation. It is believed this homeopathic gout treatment is also effective when the affected joints produce a popping sound when moved. The pain and discomfort of gout is often intensified by weather changes, such as rain or extreme temperature changes. In addition to the medication, the holistic doctor is also likely to recommend the patient apply warm or hot compresses to the affected joints for additional relief.


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