What are the Best Home Remedies for Thrush?

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Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the body, and an overgrowth of the fungus known as Candida. It is especially common in infants and breastfeeding mothers, but is also an issue in those who have a weakened immune system, or have recently been taking antibiotics. It is characterized by white patches or lesions on the tongue, often with red patches underneath that bleed easily. It is also capable of spreading to the mother's breasts, which can be quite painful.

After diagnosis by a doctor, he or she may prescribe anti-fungal lozenges or medication, though the condition usually resolves on its own in infants. In addition, there are many home remedies for thrush that can be effective at restoring the balance of healthy bacteria in the body. One of the best home remedies for thrush is to consume probiotics, to help promote the growth of healthy bacteria and eliminate the fungal infection.

This healthy bacteria may be found in yogurt, or it may be taken as a supplement. Many doctors recommend that patients with weakened immune systems, or frequent occurrences of thrush, supplement their diet with acidophilus pills. Acidophilus may be taken every day, and may also help to improve digestion and prevent yeast infections, which are caused by the same bacteria as thrush. The yogurt eaten should be plain or low in sugar to prevent exacerbating the problem.


Homemade mouth rinses also make great home remedies for thrush. Some recommend rinsing with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill the fungus in the mouth. A warm salt water rinse can also help to heal the mouth. Be sure not to swallow either of these rinses, however.

For breastfeeding mothers with the infection, there are some safe home remedies for thrush to try. Wash items such as breast pumps or pacifiers in a vinegar and water solution. Nursing pads can also help to prevent thrush from returning.

Some changes in the diet may also act as home remedies for thrush. Some recommend eating garlic, while others advise avoiding foods that contain higher amounts of yeast or sugar, such as breads, beer, or sweet foods. Good oral hygiene is also important, so be sure to brush the teeth twice a day, and to floss once per day. Overuse of mouthwashes containing alcohol can cause thrush to occur, so cut back on or eliminate the use of these products.


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Post 3

@mobilian33 - Lemon juice combined with warm water also makes a good mouthwash and home remedy for thrush in adults. This mixture also has a better smell than the vinegar and water mouthwash, which is a consideration if you decide to switch to the natural mouthwash for good.

Post 2

In my family, there was a special home remedy for thrush in adults. I can't ever remember any special cure for the babies in the family. Anyway, the main ingredient in the family concoction for thrush was vinegar. Vinegar was a popular remedy for a lot of conditions and infections in the community where I grew up.

I don't remember the exact ingredients, but just rinsing your mouth with vinegar and warm water is probably all you will need for thrush in the mouth of a grown person. And since some mouthwashes with alcohol can cause thrush, it is probably a good idea to just permanently replace the alcohol mouthwashes with a natural mouthwash if you have issues with thrush in the mouth.

Post 1

The daughter of one of my closest friends had a baby several months ago. This was her first child, so you can imagine all of the excitement surrounding the birth of the child. This is also my friend's first grandchild.

At some point after mother and baby came home, the child developed thrush. This was frightening for the parents, but the child recovered and is fine. However, the infection did spread to the mother's breasts in this case, and she had to stop breast feeding for a while until the condition cleared.

This was really a disappointment for her because as most mothers know, breast feeding is one of the joys of motherhood and one of the best

ways to bond with your child early on. I know it can be painful, but most of us think the experience is rewarding.

Anyway, she used a breast pump for a while until the infection cleared and then went back to breast feeding as she had been doing before the infection. I don't think she had any special home remedies for thrush.

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