What Are the Best Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes?

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There are many types of home remedies for puffy eyes. Among the most common are those that involve the use of tea bags or cucumbers. The tea bags can be used either while they are warm or chilled, while the cucumbers are most effective after they have been chilled in a refrigerator. Some people also find that using chilled facial cream is helpful for reducing puffiness in the eye area. Additionally, antihistamines are among the best home remedies for puffy eyes when allergies are contributing to the problem.

One of the best home remedies for puffy eyes is a tea bag. To use this home remedy, a person makes tea and then removes the tea bags from his cup. After allowing them to cool until they are just warm and unlikely to burn him, he can lie down and apply the tea bags to his closed eyes. He can leave the bags in place for about 20 minutes before removing and discarding them. Alternatively, a person can refrigerate tea bags after making tea and prior to using them for this purpose. Black tea bags are often used for treating puffy eyes, and chamomile may prove beneficial as well.


Cucumber slices can also prove useful for treating puffy eyes. For this home remedy, a person can refrigerate a couple of slices of fresh cucumber. Once the slices are chilled, he can place them on his eyelids while he lies down or reclines in a chair. He will usually keep the cucumbers in place for about 10 to 20 minutes in an effort to treat his puffy eyes.

A facial cream can also be useful as a home remedy for puffy eyes. Before using this remedy, a person may do well to read the face cream label carefully to make sure it is safe for use around the eyes. If it is determined to be safe, he can place the face cream in a refrigerator to chill it. Finally, he can apply the chilled face cream to the eye area to help in reducing eye puffiness.

Sometimes medicines are also among the best home remedies for puffy eyes. This is often the case when a person has allergies that are causing or contributing to the puffiness in the eye area. In such a case, taking an antihistamine to help control allergy symptoms may also prove helpful for treating eye puffiness.


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