What are the Best Home Remedies for an Upset Stomach?

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Just as there are a number of reasons for an upset stomach, there are also a number of home remedies. For moderate to severe stomach pain or persistent stomach pain, it is important to visit a medical professional instead of trying to manage the pain or discomfort at home. For a mild, occasional occurrence, however, home remedies for an upset stomach often work quite well. Many of the most common involve drinking soothing beverages such as seltzer water, ginger ale, chamomile tea, or mint tea. Others involve simply relaxing and finding a way to reduce stress, which is often a cause of stomach pain and upset stomach.

Two of the most common ingredients in home remedies are ginger and mint. In addition to drinking ginger ale to soothe an upset stomach, people can also use fresh ginger to the same end. Ginger tea can be made by steeping slices of fresh ginger in hot water. Alternatively, a person experiencing an upset stomach can simply chew on a slice of fresh ginger. Mint tea can be made by using herbal mint tea bags or by steeping fresh mint leaves in hot water.


Some people use baking soda in home remedies for an upset stomach. One common home remedy is to add a dash of baking soda into a small glass of water. This mixture is usually consumed quickly. The drink can be taken every few hours until the stomach feels better. This home remedy is generally not recommended for people who are over 60 years old or who have high blood pressure. The reason for this is that baking soda is naturally very high in sodium, which means that it can pose health risks to these groups of people.

Some home remedies for an upset stomach are actually preventative measures. An upset stomach can be the result of eating large meals or eating spicy or acidic foods. Eating smaller meals and avoiding foods that can irritate the stomach are good preventative stomach remedies. People who choose to eat smaller meals can eat four to five small meals per day instead of three larger meals. Caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and nicotine are all potential stomach irritants and should be avoided by people who are looking to prevent an upset stomach.


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Post 2

Eating a little bit of plain yogurt always works for me when I have an upset stomach. Yogurt is known for its benefits in the digestive system, so this must be the reason it is so soothing that it can actually serve as a heartburn remedy.

Post 1

I think that honey is very soothing to an upset stomach. Though you don't hear much about it being used to treat this problem, I have been taking it for years and it always helps soothe the discomfort. It also calms the burning feeling of heartburn. Honey is known for its healing benefits, so I think this is why it works so well.

If you want to try taking honey to see if it will work for you as a upset stomach and heartburn remedy, all you have to do is buy the cheapest bottle available. Take a few teaspoons at a time, and don't drink any water for at least a half hour after swallowing them. Most likely, you will feel the soothing and healing action of the honey kick in right away.

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