What are the Best Hay Fever Natural Remedies?

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There are several options for treating the adverse effects of common allergies and hay fever including dietary changes, applications to relieve soreness caused by irritated nasal passages, and lifestyle modifications. Many inexpensive natural hay fever remedies are easily found at home or in the local grocery store and when used frequently, are very effective for the vast majority of hay fever sufferers. Hay fever symptoms are typically most prominent during the spring and fall months when pollen and mold are found at their highest levels in the air. Commercial and prescription medications are available to treat the symptoms, but many people, including some in the conventional medical field, believe it is best to treat hay fever naturally when possible to avoid the possibility of side effects from more traditional treatment methods.


The most common types of hay fever natural remedies are ingested as part of the person's daily diet, and often include items found conveniently at home or in local markets. One recipe suggests boiling minced grapefruit and lemon until soft, adding some local honey, and taking this mixture three times a day. It is believed the combination of the local honey with the vitamin C rich fruits is an effective remedy. During hay fever season, the affected person may also consider adding additional protein sources to his or her diet to assist in lessening the effects of the allergic reaction. In terms of diet, most experts suggest that avoiding processed foods and only eating natural, fresh foods is useful in eliminating many of the unpleasant sneezing and coughing symptoms associated with hay fever.

Several types of teas are also employed as hay fever natural remedies. Green tea is especially useful for many illnesses and general good health due to its high levels of antioxidants. Peppermint and thyme teas are frequently consumed to relieve these symptoms as well.

Hay fever often causes the nasal passages to become dry and sore. In this situation, some hay fever natural remedies include applying petroleum jelly to the irritated inflamed areas of the nose, as well as using a vaporizer with healing herbs. Adding mint and chamomile to the vaporizer will help ease the inflammation and discomfort of the nasal passages.

Some of the most simple hay fever natural remedies include lifestyle changes. It is important to avoid any type of activity that may dry out the nose and other mucus membranes of the face. Most health experts recommend patients not smoke or consume alcohol in large quantities during hay fever season as precautions. Pollutants are most active in the early morning and late night hours. For this reason, it is also suggested to avoid being outdoors during those peak mold and pollen times.


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