What Are the Best Hair and Makeup Tips?

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The best hair and makeup tips include every person customizing trends and ideas that suit her style and coloring. Considering skin and hair type when looking for products is also important. Keeping some specific makeup and hair "don'ts" in mind is a good tip for avoiding looks that aren't usually flattering on anyone. Adapting hair and makeup routines to adjust to different seasons and weather conditions can be an especially beneficial way to think of grooming and style.

For example, in hot, humid weather, choosing up-sweeps and buns rather than long, loosely flowing hairstyles is more practical as well as comfortable. Applying good sunscreen on the face is important for proper sun protection, and a more natural makeup look suits the barer fashions of warmer seasons. Some of the best hair and makeup tips for summer are to keep and look cool by wearing washed or dampened hair up as well as choosing lighter colors of cosmetics with an appropriate sun protection factor (SPF).


In winter, picking hairstyles that cover the ears and neck can help keep the body warmer. Since clothing items are thicker or layered, doing the same with eyeshadow colors can be appropriate. Blending colors from a whole eyeshadow palette is likely to look better in winter than in summer when it can appear too fussy or overdone. Some makeup techniques are rarely flattering in any season on anyone and are best avoided. For instance, a dark smoky eye can be extremely sophisticated in winter, yet pairing it with an equally dramatic, strong lip color is seen as a faux pas, or mistake, as the resulting look can be clown-like in effect.

Getting advice from cosmeticians can be one of the best hair and makeup tips for individuals. Cosmeticians are trained to assess the skin type, hair texture and coloring of individual clients to choose the best products as well as techniques for bringing out each person's distinct beauty. Once these professional hair and makeup tips are learned by an individual, she can then choose her favorite ones to use.

Researching one's face shape for the most flattering haircuts and which eyeshadow colors tend to suit what eye color best are other good tips. Although makeup can be easily changed if it doesn't turn out to be flattering, the products can add up in cost. Getting a haircut that turns out to be unflattering may also be an expensive loss. Also, if the mistake of getting too short of a hairstyle is made, it can take a long time to regrow the hair to be able to get a different hairstyle. Researching expert advice on face shapes as well as hair and makeup tips for different ages and skin tones can result in more successful beauty-related outcomes.


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