What are the Best Flu Remedies?

It is a good idea to contact the doctor at the onset of flu symptoms, as he or she may be able to provide medication to help. In addition, there are many flu remedies that can help to relieve symptoms and possibly even shorten the duration of the flu, and most involve items already in the home or at the drugstore. When sick with the flu, one of the most important things to do is get plenty of rest. Symptoms are generally only strong for a few days, but some flu symptoms can last for two weeks, and the fatigue that is common with the flu can be difficult to get rid of.

Another one of the most important flu remedies is to get plenty of fluids. It is important to drink as much as possible, whether it be water, juice, or decaffeinated tea with honey. In general, it is best to avoid sugary drinks, or beverages that contain caffeine. Chicken broth is another excellent choice to stay hydrated, so try to eat some chicken soup. It will also help with congestion, especially if spices such as garlic and pepper are added. Garlic has also been shown to help the immune system.


There are many flu remedies available to help with congestion caused by the flu. Sleeping with a humidifier in the room will help to moisten nasal passages, which will help with both coughing and congestion. In addition, many find relief with a nasal wash, which is the act of pouring warm salt water through the nasal passages with a neti pot. Taking a hot shower or bath may also help to relieve congestion, and may soothe sore, achy muscles and joints.

Congestion may also be helped with a saline nasal spray, or with a decongestant spray found in most drug stores. For body aches and pains, or a fever, analgesics such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin are generally helpful flu remedies. Follow all dosing instructions and remember, a child under the age of 16 should never be given aspirin, due to the link between the drug and the potentially deadly illness known as Reye's syndrome.

A cough from the flu may be treated with cough syrup, cough drops, and once again, by drinking plenty of fluids. Finally, one of the most important flu remedies is to get as much sleep as possible. Do not try to do too much before the flu has gone away, and the body is able to recover, because the flu has the potential to turn into other, more serious infections, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.


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"What Are the Best Flu Remedies?" Hands down, it is colloidal silver.

For the past 15 or so years, every time I got the flu, I was down for a month with lungs that could barely get enough oxygen for my body to survive. I feared the flu and each time it was worse. I felt as though if I got it again, I would be one of the average yearly 32,000 who would die from it.

I read somewhere that colloidal silver killed the virus, so I learned how to make it. Sure enough, I came down with a flu that took a matter of a couple of hours to hit me and knock me down into fever and

full lungs, so I started to take an ounce of the silver every two hours.

Eureka! Within 48 hours, I was fine. It was as though I never had the flu!

Then the swine flu hit my community, so I got my silver out to everyone who would take it, who came down with the flu. All who took it were fine within 48 hours! Since then, any time the flu hits, I take it, and voila! Gone within 48 hours every time!

Colloidal silver is the winner, hands down!

Get it, keep it, buy it, make it. Whatever way you acquire it, keep it in your cupboard for the 48 hour flu cure.

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