What are the Best Exercises for Toning Hips?

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Toning hips can be part of an exercise routine for everyone, but is often of key importance for women because many women are predisposed to carrying extra weight around their hips. Exercises to tone the hips can be done at home with little or no equipment, though sometimes light weights or ankle cuffs can be helpful. Hip-toning exercises generally consist of repetitions of exercises that focus on the muscles of the upper thigh, outer thigh and buttocks.

The following exercises are some great exercises to help tone the hip area. For beginners, these exercises should be performed in sets of 15 repetitions. Start with just one repetition and then increase as strength in the hip area develops. Beginners should also begin by performing these exercises two times per week and increase the frequency from there. As with all exercise regimes, be sure to get a clean bill of health from a doctor before beginning.

The first exercise for toning hips is a seated exercise. Sit on a mat with the legs straight out in front and parallel to one another. Gain balance by placing the palms of the hands on the floor on either side of the hips. Raise one leg about one foot (approximately 30 centimeters) off of the floor. Hold the position while rotating the raised ankle 15 times in a clockwise direction and then 15 times in a counter clockwise direction. The intensity of this exercise can be increased by wearing weighted ankle cuffs.


The second exercise for toning hips is begun by lying flat on an exercise mat with the legs outstretched in a parallel position. Bend the right leg so that the foot is flat on the mat. Then raise the left leg one foot (30 centimeters) off of the floor. Lower the leg back to the mat. Repeat this action 15 times and then perform the same exercise with the left leg bent the right leg doing the motion.

The next exercise for toning hips requires the use of dumbbells. Begin with the lightest dumbbells you can find, something around two pounds (a little under a kilogram). As strength is built in the target area, the weight of the dumbbells can be increased. Stand straight up with the feet hip width apart holding the dumbbells at the sides. Squat down and slowly begin to stand back up, keeping the head and chest erect.

These three exercises are great for those interested in toning hips, losing a bit of weight in that area, and strengthening the muscles in the hips. There are a number of other exercises that are great for toning hips, but these three are great to start with.


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