What are the Best Detox Herbs?

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The human body is constantly attacked by unhealthy chemicals and foreign elements within the environment. Today there are many natural herbal supplements that claim to cleanse the body of these elements. A detoxifying herb is a natural herb that helps the body clean out unhealthy toxins. The best diet of detox herbs includes a comprehensive set of herbs designed to focus on multiple organs in the human body. Each herb is believed cleanse specific organs within the human body.

The liver plays a critical role in the digestion process. It has the primary responsibility of detoxifying the body of foreign elements with the secondary role of metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates. Dandelion roots are a natural herb believed to help the liver with detoxification and support overall blood circulation. This plant is found abundantly in most yards and grass fields throughout the United States.

The kidneys also play a vital role in detoxifying process of the human body. These organs are the final cleansing warehouse, which helps the body produce blood cells and remove harmful toxins from the blood stream. Bearberry, cranberry, and ginger root are natural detox herbs believed to help the kidneys. These herbs help the body flush out harmful chemicals through urination.


The fleawort plant produces the seed called psyllium. This seed is one of many natural detox herbs used as a colon cleansing agent. Care should be taken when using this type of herb to ensure that dehydration does not occur. Too much psyllium could result in serious side effects, including stomach cramps or nausea. In addition, laxatives can be habit forming and should only be used for a short period of time.

Many people believe that a detox diet is a good method of cleaning the body of toxins and chemicals. This is a process of ingesting healthy foods with natural detox herbs for a period of about six weeks. During this time the body will become refreshed because many long-lasting chemicals reside in fat cells throughout the body. A detox diet cycle is believed to provide sufficient time to remove all harmful toxins from the body.

Water is a critical ingredient with any detox process. Most organs within the human body rely on water as a cleansing tool. Water should be drunk in the purest form with no sugars or sugar substitutes added. Typically five, medium- size glasses of water per day should suffice. Drinking plenty of water while ingesting natural detox herbs will produce a better overall cleansing outcome.


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Post 3

I think the best way to detox is to eat healthy foods that are natural detoxing foods. This article mentions cranberry juice as a detoxing drink. I drink it several times a week. Detoxing shouldn't be something you do one week out of the year. Add some of the detox herbs mentioned in this article to your regular diet rather than waiting until you think your body could benefit from a cleanse.

Post 2

One mistake people make when starting a detox cleansing diet is they choose too many herbs and juices and don't follow a specific diet plan. You should limit yourself to one cleansing agent and follow instructions to the letter.

My boss did a cleanse diet and she decided to combine some of the herbs and juices that she had been told were really good detoxing tools.If she had used the ingredients separately they probably wouldn't have caused her any harm, but when she combined everything her body had a bad reaction.

In addition to breaking with rashes, she had severe stomach cramps and severe diarrhea. She was so sick for several days that she could not get out of bed.

Post 1

Some of my coworkers get together and go on a detox diet at least once a year. They drink this foul looking mixture of plants, juices and water. This is supposed to detox the body. One of the ingredients in the drink mixture is lemon juice. Lemon juice has been used as a natural detox and body cleanser for a long time.

Whatever detox diet you decide to go with, you need to be careful not to overdo it. I have seen way too many people who go on one of these diets and then get sick because they go too long without the nutrients their bodies need to function properly, or the dieters become dehydrated as their bodies are cleansing. You really need to be careful, or you can cause more harm than good with the detoxing.

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