What are the Best Cures for Leg Cramps?

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Some of the best cures for leg cramps include stretching the affected area and sleeping in a position that doesn’t compress the muscle. If the cramps are caused by certain medications, alternative drugs may be prescribed. Other potential remedies for leg cramps depend on whether they are a symptom of a more severe condition. In the worst cases, a drug called quinine may be prescribed, although this is considered a last resort due to potential side effects.

It is thought that one of the most effective cures for leg cramps is stretching. There is little scientific evidence to support this, although many health professionals still advise it because there are few negative side effects. If, for example, a person suffers from repeated leg cramps in the calf, a simple calf stretch during the day and before bed may help. To perform a calf stretch, stand a short distance away from a wall and bend forward, while keeping the heels on the floor, until a stretch is felt.

If leg cramps often occur at night, this may be related to the position the person is sleeping in. Cramps are usually the result of the muscle being placed in a shortened state; if the leg is curled up during the night, the risk is much greater. The position the person should try to sleep in depends on which part of the leg is affected by cramps.


Certain types of medication can cause leg cramps or make them more likely. If a person is getting a lot of cramps, especially after starting a new prescription, he or she should talk to a doctor. There may be alternative types of medication that could be taken which don’t produce the same side effects.

Other cures for leg cramps depend on the cause of the problem. People are more likely to suffer from cramps if they are dehydrated; in this case, a doctor may advise taking in more fluids during the day. Pregnant women are also more likely to suffer from leg cramps. As a general rule, if cramps are a symptom of a more severe condition, the patient will suffer from additional problems. If cramps occur without any other noticeable signs, however, they are classified as having a “non-specific” cause.

A drug called quinine is sometimes prescribed if leg cramps are severe or if other treatments have failed. The drug is one of the most effective cures for leg cramps, but has some potential side effects. These include blood conditions, vomiting, and dizziness. Side effects are uncommon at the low levels prescribed for cramps, however.


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I just want to know why cramps often occur during night time? Specifically foot and leg cramps at the same time. The pain goes up to the leg very fast. Can you send me some treatment guides and tell me who to consult (like a specialist)? I really appreciate your response. Thank you so much.

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