What are the Best Cross Stitch Projects for Beginners?

Tara Barnett

The best cross stitch projects for beginners usually come in simple kits that include everything needed for the project. If a kit is not available, cross stitch projects that are small in size and use only the basic cross stitch and back stitch to create the design are usually simple enough for beginners. One might also want to choose a project with a small number of colors to minimize the complexity of the design. Sometimes it is easier to finish cross stitch projects that are more difficult if one is fully enamored with the pattern. It may be a good idea to choose a slightly more difficult pattern if that pattern seems especially exciting or desirable, as this will provide incentive to work through the project.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Using a kit avoids the problems involved when selecting materials, choosing designs, and setting up the project. Kits are often specially made for beginners, including all tools needed and a design printed directly on the included fabric. There are a wide variety of kit designs for cross stitch projects, and these are often labeled as easy or beginner projects. One of the best parts of using a kit is that these often include special instructions that are easy to follow, unlike more advanced patterns that may use unfamiliar language. Also, if it turns out that one does not enjoy cross stitch projects, one has not lost much of an investment in materials, as these kits are usually inexpensive.

If at all possible, it is best to choose cross stitch projects involving the design being printed on the fabric in some way. This removes the counting aspect of cross stitch, which is one part of cross stitch with which many beginners struggle. One can either transfer the design to an appropriate piece of cloth or purchase the cloth with the design pre-printed. For beginners working without a printed design, it may be best to choose a pattern that will be easy to count, such as blocks or lines.

Many people underestimate the effect the desire to finish the project has on the ease with which it can be done. Cross stitch is in its most basic form a relatively straightforward craft involving only one or two basic kinds of stitches, so the main impediment to successful completion of projects is losing interest. For this reason, it is often better to choose a larger or more complex design that will yield a product that is desirable to the crafter. The desire to complete the project makes success more likely.

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