What Are the Benefits Using Dead Sea Mud?

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The benefits of using dead sea mud include improving the elasticity of skin, and helping it to fight the damaging effects of free radicals, UV rays, fungus, and bacteria that can naturally occur in any environment. This important beauty ingredient can only be found in the highly dense Dead Sea located in the Middle East. In addition to mineralized sodium, it also contains calcium and sulfur, which are essential in maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance in all layers of the epidermis.

The Dead Sea contains the highest concentration of salt of any body of water in the world. The sodium levels found within the water are so high that no living creature can survive them, and are killed instantly when they accidentally swim into this area, thus giving rise to its unique name. Located in the country of Israel, east of Jerusalem, this body of water is exposed to desert like conditions of extreme heat and wind daily. As the water on the surface of the sea evaporates, it leaves behind salt and minerals in a combination not found anywhere else on Earth. These minerals have been shown to provide extreme benefits for the body and skin, and are found labeled in many beauty care products as dead sea mud.

One function of the minerals found in dead sea mud is to improve skin cell renewal. The minerals stimulate the cells of the epidermis to communicate with one another. They tend to divide more rapidly when this communication process has been improved, causing the outer layer of skin to regenerate quickly and maintain higher water levels in each cell. The result is a smooth, soft layer of skin that is noticeably brighter and clearer where it has been treated with this specialty mud.

Calcium is one of the primary ingredients naturally occurring in dead sea mud that can improve the function and appearance of skin. This mineral increases skin's flexibility and resilience, causing it to return to normal shape when stretched and to avoid the sagging effects associated with old age. It also improves the skin's ability to form a protective barrier against damaging free radicals and over-exposure to UV radiation. This dramatically increases skin's youthful appearance and helps it to combat dryness.

Sulfur, another ingredient contained in dead sea mud, aids the skin in maintaining healthy collagen levels and improves its ability to fight diseases. Collagen is essential in skin cells, allowing it to appear smooth, plump, and healthy. Sulfur is also a type of antiseptic. It naturally combats the growth of different forms of fungus and bacteria which can cause many common skin disorders. Individuals suffering from mild forms of some dermatological problem conditions, such as psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema, can often benefit from applying this type of mud to damaged areas of skin on a weekly basis.

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