What Are the Benefits of Vitamin E for Men?

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There are many benefits of vitamin E for men. Vitamin E has many health benefits for both sexes, yet for men, initial research has suggested that vitamin E helps with some forms of sexual dysfunction. Besides supplements, natural vitamin E exists in many foods. Before taking vitamin E supplements or eating a diet high in vitamin E, consulting with one's physician can reveal other treatment plans that may be more effective.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in maintaining the cell walls of human beings. Due to this action, vitamin E is a valuable tool as a medicine; administering vitamin E to anemic patients preserves red blood cells. Vitamin E also assists in maintaining healthy retinas and proper functioning muscles. As of 2011, the medical community is still undecided as to whether taking supplementary vitamin E improves these bodily systems.

The health benefits of vitamin E for men involve vitamin E's effect on sexual health. Sexual dysfunction can be many conditions besides impotence. Two of these are low sperm count and low sperm motility, two unnoticeable deficiencies. When these conditions present together, it is very difficult for a man to father a child. Initial research suggests that vitamin E may be able to improve these conditions.


Research published in 2003 suggests that taking 400 mg of vitamin E every day improves sperm motility and sperm count. The research did not have any substantive findings on whether the benefits of vitamin E for men included increased chances of having children. As of 2011, no further research has validated or disproved these findings. If one wishes to improve sperm mobility and sperm count through vitamin E, a number of foods contain the vitamin.

It is not difficult to find foods containing high amounts of natural vitamin E. Fruits such as mangoes, papayas and tomatoes have high amounts of the vitamin, as do the vegetables broccoli, turnips and spinach. Processed foods such as certain breakfast cereals and sunflower oil also have high amounts of vitamin E. If one would rather obtain the benefits of vitamin E for men through supplements, it may be necessary to consult with one's physician before starting any supplement program.

Though vitamin E supplements have no harmful contraindications with other medications, it is always best to discuss the supplements one plans to take during a physical examination. Doing so will help a physician understand any changes that may show up on one's urinalysis and/or blood work. A physician can also recommend other medical treatments in addition to vitamin E that may be able to improve one's sexual health.


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Post 3

@turkay1-- I don't think vitamin E can reverse male pattern balding. So if you've lost hair, I don't think vitamin E is going to make it come back. But vitamin E may help slow down hair loss.

As far as I know, male pattern hair loss is genetic. There are some medications that help with it, but it's a difficult thing to prevent and reverse.

I personally have reduced my hair loss with vitamin E and biotin supplements. These strengthen hair roots and reduce hair fall. I think my hair loss has reduce to about one third of what it was before the supplements. I have no idea how long it's going to keep working for, but I'm really happy with the results so far.

Post 2

I don't know about sperm health but I have been experiencing an improved sex drive since I started taking a vitamin E supplement. I have no idea if it will have the same effect on everyone though. I haven't been eating very healthy for these past several years, so I might actually have a vitamin E deficiency.

Either way, my sex drive is much better since I started the supplements. I also feel less tired. I think this is a great vitamin for men and it hasn't caused any side effects.

Post 1

Does vitamin E have any benefits for male pattern hair loss?

I've read that vitamin E can be beneficial for hair loss in women, but does this also apply to male pattern balding?

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