What Are the Benefits of Public Transportation?

N. Madison

There are many benefits of public transportation. For example, public transportation makes it easier for people to get where they want and need to go. It also helps people save money, as the cost of maintaining a working vehicle are often much more than the costs associated with public transportation. The frequency of traffic jams and accidents may also be reduced when a person uses public transportation. Additionally, public transportation may even help to benefit the economy.

Buses free up more room on the roadways.
Buses free up more room on the roadways.

One of the main benefits of public transportation is the fact that it makes it easier for people to get around. Without public transportation, many people — especially those without cars — would be limited in where they could go and what they could do. With public transportation, however, people can get to school and work, get to the grocery store and to doctors' offices, visit relatives, and take advantage of many different types of entertainment, even if they do not own vehicles. Public transportation serves people of all ages and from all walks of life, ranging from families, including their children, to business people on their way to the office, to the elderly.

Various forms of train systems provide public transportation.
Various forms of train systems provide public transportation.

Often, people complain about the costs of public transportation when the rates are raised. Though this may prove a legitimate concern, the fact is that public transportation can help people save money. When compared to the cost of buying and performing regular maintenance on a car, many people find that choosing to ride public transportation is a much cheaper option. When a person factors in the cost of insurance and unexpected repairs as well as paying for parking and tolls, the benefits of public transportation may become even clearer.

When public transportation is available, many people choose to use it instead of driving to work and school. This is true even of many people who own cars, as they may prefer to ride to work on a bus or train than deal with traffic jams and parking frustrations each day. When people make this choice, the result is less traffic on the roadways, which means fewer traffic jams and less pollution. In fact, the choice many people make to ride public transportation may even translate into fewer car accidents and vehicle-related deaths and injuries. Additionally, the use of public transportation also means less gas is consumed each year.

The benefits of public transportation may also include those that involve the economy, as public transportation companies must hire employees to drive vehicles, provide tickets, maintain vehicles, and handle a range of administrative and organizational jobs as well as many other types of tasks. The fact that buses and trains free up room on the roadways makes it easier for companies to transport goods back and forth as well, helping to increase sales. Some businesses may even enjoy increased sales because of their proximity to public transportation.

Buses are the most common type of public transportation.
Buses are the most common type of public transportation.

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