What Are the Benefits of Passion Fruit?

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Passion fruit, or purple granadilla, is a dark round fruit with wrinkly skin and green pulp-like flesh. One of the benefits of passion fruit is that it contains enzymes that help the digestive system work efficiently. It is a primary source of vitamins that are beneficial in fighting cancer and heart disease. Purple granadilla may also provide relief from breathing disorders when eaten on a regular basis. This fruit can be consumed by eating it raw or drinking the juice, and both forms can be helpful to people with special dietary needs.

One of the more common benefits of passion fruit is that it tends to stimulate digestion. This is done by increasing the amount of digestive juices found in the stomach. It is also thought to act as a colon cleanser, which in turn can help relieve constipation. This food could also help add electrolytes, which are minerals in the body that have an electric charge, making it an effective remedy for moderate diarrhea.

The fact that this food is high in both vitamins A and C is one of the many nutritional benefits of passion fruit. Both of these vitamins help ward off cancer. Vitamin C helps the body build and restore cells, while Vitamin A reduces free radicals, which are agents that cause tissue damage. Healthy arteries can be maintained by absorbing the proper amount of Vitamin C, and this in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.


Enzymes in this fruit are thought to help move oxygen throughout the body. These enzymes are also believed to be effective in reducing inflammation in the bronchial tubes, thereby reducing the severity of many respiratory infections. Patients who consume this food often may show an increased resistance to common allergies, so one of the benefits of passion fruit could be improved breathing.

One of the benefits of passion fruit is that it is low in fat and calories, yet high in fiber and protein. Fiber and protein are essential for good health, yet many people tend to be deficient in these nutrients whenever they are trying to lose weight. It is generally very sweet whether eaten fresh from the vine or squeezed to make a healthy juice; typically, extra sugar is not needed, so eating this fruit can be good for diabetics or an alternative to candy.


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Post 5

This is interesting. I recommend Markizza Passion Fruit juice. The taste is just perfect.

Post 4

Does passion fruit have any benefits for diabetics?

Post 3

@anon266245-- Wow, you're so lucky! Do you live in the southeast? I think that's where most of he passion fruit grows in the US, right?

I love passion fruit but we don't grow any around here so I get mine from the Asian grocery store. I try to eat a couple every week during the winter months because it helps prevent colds. I think that the vitamins in it strengthen the immune system and keep me healthy. Ever since I've started eating passion fruit on a regular basis, I've noticed that I'm not getting sick as much.

Passion fruit, pomegranates and blueberries are my favorite power foods. I binge on these in winter and also when I want to detox my body. It's so much better than taking supplements or getting sick and then having to take antibiotics.

Post 2

Purple passion fruit also has relaxant, sedative properties. I didn't know this until my doctor prescribed for me a herbal medication made from purple passion fruit extract for panic attacks.

It really works, I feel relaxed and calm when I take it. I'm not sure how much fresh passion fruit would have to be eaten to get the same effects. But I'm sure that eating the fruit would help with anxiety and panic symptoms.

Post 1

There`s a passion fruit plant on my garden and I don't even know how it got there. It smells so good, though.

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