What are the Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth?

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The benefits of olive oil for hair growth might relate to the ability of olive oil to make the hair stronger. Olive oil may help nourish the scalp, which could prevent problems like dandruff that contribute to hair loss over time. Another benefit of olive oil for hair growth is that it might be able to strengthen the individual strands of hair, thereby making them less prone to breaking off and splitting at the ends. Hair elasticity may also increase when olive oil is used regularly, and this increased elasticity could help keep hair from coming out when it is brushed or blow-dried.

There are many different ways in which a person can use olive oil for hair growth. Some people choose to add a few tablespoons of olive oil to their existing hair care products. This is typically done by putting a drop or two of olive oil into shampoo or conditioner and then shaking up the product and applying it to the hair normally. The addition of olive oil to hair products may increase their effectiveness, particularly if the product in question tends to dry out the hair. People who are prone to oily, greasy hair might want to apply products containing olive oil to only the ends of their hair, because the addition of olive oil could make the existing oiliness on the scalp worse.


Some people apply olive oil for hair growth directly to their hair without mixing it up into any other hair products. This is typically done by either rubbing a small amount of olive oil into the ends of hair or by applying it to the entire head. The best results from doing this tend to be achieved when the olive oil is allowed to rest on the hair for several hours before removal. It may be beneficial to leave the olive oil on the hair overnight and then wash it out in the morning. If olive oil is left on the hair overnight, care should be taken to protect pillows and pillow cases because the oil might leave greasy stains on bedding.

Olive oil for hair growth may be most effective when pure olive oil is used. When using olive oil on hair, a person should make an effort to select 100-percent olive oil that does not contain any other ingredients. Some types of olive oil might contain artificial ingredients or preservatives that may be capable of damaging hair. Even though many people believe that olive oil is effective for hair growth and health, it may not work for everyone. Sudden, severe hair loss should be evaluated by a doctor because it might be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition.


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Post 2

To treat damaged hair, you can mix olive oil and an egg yolk and apply to hair. The olive oil will make the hair softer and egg yolks contain high amount of protein which makes hair healthier.

For faster hair growth, you can apply some of this to your scalp as well. Look down and massage your scalp in circular motions with olive oil. This increases blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

My hair took a very long time to grow before. Since I have started doing this, it grows faster and feels thicker. I also supplement my diet with vitamin E capsules which supports hair growth.

Post 1

The reason that olive oil hair treatments promote hair growth is actually very simple. When the ends of hair are damaged and have many split ends, the scalp is forced to use most of its proteins and vitamins to fix these damages rather than using all of them for hair growth. This means that the more damaged the hair is, the slower hair growth will be.

It's not really possible to heal split ends with oils, you have to get a trim to remove them. But applying olive oil to your ends regularly can help prevent split ends from occurring. Just look at Indian women, they have long and luscious hair! Part of it may be genetics, but I'm sure the wide use of hair oils plays a big part too.

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