What Are the Benefits of Naturopathy for Acne?

Brandon May

Holistic healing of acne is a popular concept among many natural health enthusiasts who seek ways of controlling breakouts without drugs or medicinal topical treatments. Naturopathy for acne is not known to heal acne in every case, and carries no guarantee of effectiveness against breakouts, zits or pimples associated with acne. Changing the diet to eliminate known allergens is popular in naturopathy for acne healing, and can help fight acne in those truly suffering from allergic symptoms to gluten, sugar or certain types of fat. Herbs and exercise are also natural techniques used in naturopathy to reduce inflammation of the skin, but does not necessarily show effectiveness in reducing acne in every case.

Some people can help control acne inflammation by eating the right foods.
Some people can help control acne inflammation by eating the right foods.

Using naturopathy for acne clearing can be helpful in some individuals who suffer from allergies to certain foods, as acne may be a symptom of consuming certain allergens in the diet. Gluten is a common example that can contribute to skin problems in people with gluten intolerance, and many naturopaths place patients on a gluten-free diet to see if it is causing a problem with the skin. Eliminating, or drastically reducing, sugar in the diet is also popular in naturopathic skin healing regimens. The effects of naturopathic dietary techniques, although healthy, have not been proven to be helpful in reducing acne in people without allergies.

A close up of acne.
A close up of acne.

Although dietary effects on the skin and acne can be exaggerated, choosing the right foods can help reduce inflammation in some people. Inflammation can present redness in the skin, and can sometimes promote breakouts and acne in a small number of people. Again, naturopathy techniques such as a gluten-free or sugar-free diet have not been proven to eliminate acne in every patient. Herbs and spices are sometimes used in naturopathy to reduce inflammation and redness, as well as acne; however, these tools have not been proven effective in skin and acne studies.

The use of exercise in naturopathy for acne treatment can be helpful in increasing blood flow and perspiration, yet this does not necessarily offer a tool for acne healing. It is said that exercise can help sweat out toxins associated with acne, yet this information is unproven and unsubstantiated. More often than not, naturopathy for acne healing may revolve around using meditation to reduce stress-related breakouts. This may be helpful in many individuals, as stress can increase the occurrence of acne by increasing the hormones associated with acne production.

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