What Are the Benefits of Macadamia Oil for Hair?

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Macadamia oil for hair can be used to prevent future hair issues or repair current problems including breakage, dry scalp, and frizz. This product is made by extracting oil from the macadamia nut which grows on a macadamia tree. Although this tree originated in various parts of Australia, many locations throughout the world have become home to the macadamia tree. The chemical make-up of this product is similar to oils that the human body produces which makes macadamia oil for hair easy for the body to absorb.

One of the most common applications of macadamia oil for hair is to warm the mixture in the microwave or on the stove and distribute it equally throughout the hair including the scalp. Most product directions suggest that the client leave the oil on the hair for up to two hours before rinsing and styling as usual. These nuts have a number of vitamin and nutrient properties that promote natural hair rejuvenation. Due to the similarities of macadamia oil and oils produced naturally by the body, this product rarely leaves residue or causes the hair to feel greasy.


A macadamia oil deep repair mask uses macadamia oil for hair as the primary ingredient in addition to several other substances that work together to repair severely damaged hair. Most products combine substances such as algae, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, and aloe with the macadamia oil for hair. The product is generally applied in a thick coat throughout the hair with a comb and rinsed out shortly after. This treatment generally prevents dandruff, seals split ends, and stimulates hair growth. Many of these products are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at herbal shops and on the Internet.

To prevent breakage, macadamia oil for hair penetrates hair follicles to increase elasticity and the strength of individual hair strands. Dry scalp and hair may be caused by aging as the body decreases its production of palmitoleic acid, a natural compound that has anti-aging benefits. Macadamia oil may be able to restore this acid by providing the scalp with fatty acids that help rehydrate hair. The nourishment of the fatty acids and vitamins in macadamia oil can help prevent and/or treat frizzy hair due to weather or long-term damage caused by intrusive hair products.

Aside from the benefits that macadamia oil has for hair, it can be used as an anti-aging skin product, a cooking oil, and a massage oil. The chemical composition of this oil includes linoleic acid, oleic acid, and palmitoleic acid with extremely low polyunsaturated fat levels. This product has an extensive shelf-life and can be used continuously on the hair without causing damage.


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Post 3

My sister uses macadamia oil on her skin. She has very dry, flaky skin that's also sensitive. Regular lotion just doesn't cut it for her and sometimes the chemicals and alcohol in regular lotions mae her skin worse. She is very happy with this oil and her skin looks great now.

I did not realize that macadamia oil could be used for hair as well. I might borrow her bottle and try it this weekend. My hair desperately needs a treatment.

Post 2

@bear78-- You can use it but you might want to avoid applying it to your scalp. Just apply it to the ends of your hair. Macadamia oil will condition your hair. It will moisturize it so if you use it regularly, it will prevent breakage and split ends.

I use the oil as a hair mask about once a week. I leave it on for an hour or two and then wash it out and shampoo. It really makes a huge difference. My hair is very manageable, soft and healthy when I use macadamia oil. A few months ago, I ran out and did not use the oil for a while. My hair became dry and frizzy again.

Post 1

I don't have a dry scalp. I have a normal scalp but my hair is very dry and coarse with lots of split ends. Will macadamia oil benefit me or is it not recommended for people with normal or oily scalp?

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