What are the Benefits of Jasmine Tea?

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The benefits of jasmine tea are numerous. Scientific studies have found that it can eliminate cancer-causing free radicals, slow the aging process, and enhance the circulation system. In addition, studies have shown that jasmine tea is linked to lower cholesterol and reduced fat levels in the body. Some people believe that the benefits of jasmine tea include its ability to fight colds and prevent influenza, while others prefer it to other teas because of its calming effect.

One of the benefits of jasmine tea is its apparent ability to cause cancer cells to grow more slowly. Many research studies have been conducted on the antioxidant and anticancer nature of jasmine tea. One Chinese study found that jasmine green tea may protect red blood cells from attack by cancer-causing free radicals. The study showed that once the free radicals are shielded from the cells, some forms of cancer may be prevented. An Israeli study found that a drug used to fight cancer contained a component from jasmine. The drug with the jasmine component inhibits an enzyme that typically allows cancer cells to thrive and grow in the body.

Other benefits of jasmine tea include its reported ability to reduce cholesterol levels though oxidation. In addition, it may also benefit the circulatory system because it is thought to stop strokes, arterial sclerosis, and heart attacks. Some people drink jasmine tea because they believe it may prevent diabetes and lower high blood pressure as well.


Bacteria and viruses plague many people with illnesses. Some homeopathic remedy practitioners claim that one of the benefits of jasmine tea is its ability to fight colds and influenza viruses as well as other viral and bacterial illness, such as cholera, piccolo, and even bad breath. Homeopathic medicine practitioners may recommend that people gargle with the tea since it is believe to be an anti-viral and an antiseptic.

Another benefit of jasmine tea is its purported ability to help people lose weight. Specifically, people who drank the tea over a three month period of time lost more body fat than people who drank tea with out jasmine. The catechins in jasmine tea are believed to force the body to burn calories, even when in a state of rest. However, some researchers claim that the caffeine in the tea is the actual cause of the weight loss and metabolic boost, not the jasmine.

Many people claim that one of the best benefits of jasmine tea is its ability to calm the nerves. Some research studies have shown that even the fragrance of the jasmine blossoms works as a light sedative. One study found that the smell alone may lower people’s heart rates.

There are hundreds of species of jasmine flowers. They can be red, yellow, or white and are known for their fragrance. Typically, the jasmine blossoms are placed over the tea leaves so their fragrance is imparted onto the leaves. When the blossoms and tea dry, they are then steeped in water to make a fragrant, healthful tea. Although most jasmine teas are green teas, jasmine can be found in black teas as well.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- I agree with you, jasmine tea is very relaxing. It also helps me unwind. It doesn't have strong sedative effects but it does seem to calm the mind and relieve anxiety much like chamomile tea. Since I don't add sugar to my tea, it's also a calorie free drink for me.

Post 2

Let's not forget the aromatherapy effects of jasmine tea. I love the flowery fragrance that emerges from a freshly steeped jasmine tea. It transports me to a different place, it's so relaxing.

I like to have this tea in the evening, especially after a long, tiring day. It really calms me down and I think I get a better night's sleep afterward.

Post 1

I don't doubt that jasmine has benefits. But the amount of jasmine petals in jasmine tea is not a lot. Jasmine tea usually has a base of green tea or white tea. So I think that most of the benefits of the tea come from green tea or white tea rather than the jasmine.

Green tea and white tea have many benefits that most of us have already heard about. First of all, they are rich in antioxidants, which help prevent illness and improve the immune system. As the article mentioned, green tea is also believe to aid weight loss. Another quality of tea is that it is a tonic and a diuretic. So it can help clean blood, so to speak, and it will also get rid of excess water in the body.

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