What Are the Benefits of Homeopathy for Osteoporosis?

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While homeopathy for osteoporosis may not cure the condition, it may help improve bone structure, slow bone loss, and, if begun early enough, delay the onset of the condition entirely. Homeopathy approaches osteoporosis from a holistic standpoint, helping to bring all aspects of a patient’s life into balance to support bodily health. Often, homeopathy for osteoporosis doesn’t just help heal the condition, it also helps the patient become healthier overall. The idea is that a healthier person isn’t as susceptible to disease.

Osteoporosis literally means 'holes in the bones.' It is a disease that weakens bone density, making breaks and fractures much more likely. This disease usually occurs in women entering late middle or early old age, but can afflict men as well. One of the biggest causes of this disease is a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Other lifestyle choices, like smoking, excessive drinking, high fat intake, and being inactive may also contribute to the condition. Homeopathy for osteoporosis looks at all of these factors to give the patient the best advantage for managing the disease.


One of the top principles in homeopathy for osteoporosis is prevention. People of any age who smoke and drink excessively should, ideally, try to stop smoking and limit alcohol intake. Inactive individuals should take up some kind of exercise routine, especially one that involves resistance or weight training. Building muscle for about 30 minutes, three to five days a week, can help improve bone density. The bones have to compensate for the increased muscle mass by becoming stronger and denser. This means that, even if osteoporosis does occur, it is likely to be less devastating.

Diet is also an important factor in using homeopathy for osteoporosis. The ideal diet should be relatively low in fats, enriched white starches, and caffeine. Good fats, like olive oil and nuts, may be consumed in small quantities but individuals should avoid animal fats. Calcium-rich foods, like low-fat milk, yogurt, kale, and poppy seeds, should also be added to the diet. Walking in the sun for 30 minutes a day or taking a vitamin D supplement typically aids calcium absorption.

Those that begin a homeopathy program early in life often have the best chance of treating osteoporosis before it even begins. People that already have the condition can use the above program, in addition to supplements, to try to reverse some of the damage and stop more from happening. Vitamin, calcium, and magnesium supplements may all be prescribed by a doctor to be taken several times a day. Doctors can also help patients develop an exercise routine that will strengthen the bones without harming them. One of the best things about homeopathy for osteoporosis is that it can often be combined with prescription drugs to help the medicine do its work.


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