What are the Benefits of Holy Basil Extract?

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Holy basil extract, also known as tulasi, is an important plant in many different types of alternative medicine. Credited with possessing elements that help to minimize the effects of stress and promote mental clarity, holy basic extract is often sold as a supplement in health food stores and herb shops. The supplements may come in loose powder or in easy to swallow capsules.

One of the important aspects of holy basil extract is the antioxidants found in the plant. These help the body to deal with free radicals with greater ease, thus easing the impact of the free radicals on the nervous and circulatory systems. The result is that there is less strain on the heart and the chances of the nerves becoming oversensitized during period of extreme stress is minimized. As a side benefit, the strengthening qualities associated with the antioxidants helps the body’s immune system to function at full efficiency.

People who suffer with skin conditions such as dry skin can often achieve a measure of relief by using holy basil extract. When taken in conjunction with calcium, phosphorus, carotene and Vitamin C, extract of holy basil can help to hydrate the skin. Not only does this help to alleviate itching and soreness, it also can help to slow the aging process by helping the skin to remain supple for a longer period of time.


Holy basil extract also has expectorant qualities. This makes the supplement ideal for helping to clear up minor infections in the respiratory tract. The anti-inflammatory properties of the extract can help to loosen any buildup caused by the infection and make it easier for the body to expel the results of the infection. This action helps to relieve the stress put on the respiratory system and clear the way for healing to take place.

Purchasing holy basil extract is a relatively easy task. While not commonly carried in supermarkets or drug stores in most countries, health food markets, vitamin shops and herb shops are highly likely to carry the supplement in at least its capsule form. If holy basil extract is not readily available in the area, it is possible to order the supplement from a number of mail order health food businesses as well as ordering online from various providers.


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Post 3

@Drentel - I have never tried holy basil, but like you, I heard this supplement is good for bringing calm. My girlfriend recently convinced me to take yoga and meditation classes with her. She says this will help me relax more and get in tune with my spirit and body. I know, but what do I have to lose?

Anyway, I am also researching various other ways to relax naturally. I would suggest you try some of the various calming teas like chamomile tea, licorice root tea or holy basil tea.

Post 2

@Drentel - There are a number of supplements that are available for you to take for controlling stress and anxiety. I have heard that any medicine or treatment has a smaller chance of working when the person it is being used on does not believe it will actually do him any good. For this reason, you might want to avoid the herbs with medicinal benefits such as holy basil.

Have you tried taking Vitamin B supplements. I'm guessing you might be more open to traditional vitamins over herbs. Vitamin B is said to reduce stress and this vitamin has other benefits, too. Also, you can take it everyday and not worry about the side effects, unless you have some type of allergic reaction to Vitamin B.

Post 1

I am the type of person who tends to bottle up stress to the point that it becomes a physical strain on me. My wife is always telling me to stop stressing about work and relax, but this is easier said than done for me.

One of the women who works for me told me about the holy basil supplement. She says she takes it, and it has helped to control her blood pressure during stressful times. I'm not a big fan of herbal supplements in general, but I have never tried them, so maybe I should.

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