What are the Benefits of Cranberry Juice?

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Besides the benefits of cranberry juice such as natural sweetness, affordability and availability year round, it is thought to have health benefits not found in many other fruits and vegetables. Research indicates the benefits of cranberry juice may include prevention of some life-threatening diseases. It is also believed to have natural cleansing abilities that eliminate some toxins from the human body.

Phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants, are abundant in cranberry juice. Although no scientific evidence exists that proves these substances have any significant effects on preventing disease, they are not harmful. Theories exist that claim phytochemicals could deter maladies of the immune and cardiovascular systems. Other speculations imply one of the benefits of cranberry juice may be cancer prevention by the phytochemicals and antioxidants found in it.

Urinary tract infections plague a significant number of people. They may be caused by inferior personal hygiene habits and have also been linked to preservatives found in many processed beverages and foods. The ingestion of cranberry juice has long been prescribed as a preventive and curative measure to cleanse the body of E. coli bacteria, a common cause of urinary tract infections. It has not been proven to affect the consumption of preservatives.


Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice has been found to prevent the growth of specific bacteria in the mouth that results in plaque forming on the teeth and gums as well. Along with good dental hygiene, cranberry juice contributes to oral health and may reduce the need for plaque removal procedures performed by dentists and dental hygienists. Sweetened cranberry juice is not recommended as the sugar in it promotes tooth decay.

Although not yet proven by laboratory tests and field studies, cranberry juice may inhibit the formation of kidney stones. Experts claim the active ingredient of quinic acid in the fruit may aid in eliminating harmful bacteria and waste from the body. Since kidney stones are commonly thought to be formed by substances that cannot be absorbed by the human body, cranberry juice may aid in dispelling these substances.

To gain the maximum benefits of cranberry juice requires regular consumption of the beverage. Two 16-ounce glasses a day is recommended to reap its full health benefits. If the taste of the juice is unappealing to the palates of certain people, the same advantages to health may be gained through ingesting cranberry extract infused syrup or capsules. For the most favorable results, one 400-milligram capsule taken twice daily or a teaspoon of cranberry juice extract syrup three times a day is recommended.


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Post 3

Mutsy and Cupcake15- Have anyone of you tried the cranberry juice diet?

I know that it is like a detox diet where you only drink cranberry juice for 2 to 3 weeks. They say that this is really a great diet for those with a urinary tract infection, and ulcers, but you have to prepare for it gradually.

I know you have to start eliminating dairy, sugar caffeine, and fat from your diet like a couple of weeks before you actually start.

A week before you start the cranberry juice weight loss diet, you have to completely eliminate dairy, sugar, caffeine and fat.

I'm sure you'll lose weight during that time, but I wonder how effective it is over the long-term.

Post 2

Cupcake15- A company called Lakewood sells organic cranberry juice was actually awarded the best juice by men's health magazine.

I want to try it to see if it tastes much better.

Post 1

The benefits of cranberry juice for women are many. Cranberry juice can help restore memory, and the antioxidants that it contains helps reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

It also aids the kidneys and helps eliminate bacteria in the stomach. I usually buy Ocean Spray cranberry juice and it tastes great. It is best to avoid cranberry drinks because they don't have as many vitamins as a cranberry juice does.

Anything labeled with the word drink tends to have more sugar and less fruit juice. The benefits of pure cranberry juice can not be understated.

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