What Are the Benefits of Cottage Cheese?

B. Miller

There are many different benefits of cottage cheese enjoyed by people who eat this type of food as a snack or even as part of a meal. The first is that cottage cheese is naturally low in fat and carbohydrates while being quite high in protein. This makes it great for people who are on a diet. It is also easy to blend cottage cheese with other foods to give it a sweet or spicy taste, since some people think it is not flavorful enough by itself. Another one of the benefits of cottage cheese is that it is inexpensive, and easy to find at nearly all grocery stores, making it a popular staple in many households.

Cottage cheese is low in calories but high in protein.
Cottage cheese is low in calories but high in protein.

Cottage cheese is a simple product made from cheese curds, which is one of the reasons it is naturally low in fat and calories. For people more concerned about this, there are low-fat and fat-free varieties of cottage cheese available as well. The low fat content of this product is often touted as one of the main benefits of cottage cheese, particularly for people who are trying to avoid carbohydrates as well. In addition to this, it is also very high in protein. This makes it an excellent snack for eating after exercise, but it also helps make people feel full for a longer time after eating it because the body digests it slowly.

Cottage cheese can be mixed with tomatoes, onions or other vegetables.
Cottage cheese can be mixed with tomatoes, onions or other vegetables.

In fact, some recommend cottage cheese as a nighttime snack for people who get hungry before bed, but don't want to undo all of the healthy eating throughout the day. Even a small cup of cottage cheese is filling, and lasts through the night. Another one of the benefits of cottage cheese is the many different ways there are to enjoy it. Mixing it with fruit such as pineapple is one of the most common ways, though it is also great mixed with spicier options like salsa. A snack of sliced avocado and cottage cheese is easy to prepare and very filling and healthy.

Some people will even use cottage cheese on a sandwich, often combined with lettuce and tomato, for a healthy alternative to mayo. These are just a few of the many different ways to use cottage cheese. One of the other main benefits of cottage cheese is the fact that it is readily available at a low price. Organic and natural versions are getting easier to find as well for people with those concerns about their food choices.

Cottage cheese is a healthy snack to eat before bed.
Cottage cheese is a healthy snack to eat before bed.

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I've been losing weight with the help of cottage cheese. I've cut out snacking altogether. When I get hungry in-between meals, I have a small bowl of cottage cheese and a few wheat crackers if I must. I've lost ten pounds so far! I also love that cottage cheese is so affordable.


I don't think that cottage cheese has any benefits in terms of muscle building or preventing muscle loss. I have no idea where this theory comes from.

Cottage cheese is a healthy food, and that's the only benefit. If calorie, carbohydrate and fat dense foods are replaced with cottage cheese, it will help with weight loss. But no one ever lost weight by eating cottage cheese alone. One has to eat healthy all-around and exercise regularly as well.

Plus, not all cottage cheeses are good. Some cottage cheeses from the grocery store have unnecessary ingredients and added sugar. Some of them are made from full-fat and have preservatives. Cottage cheese is most beneficial when it's healthy and made from low-fat milk.


I didn't grow up eating cottage cheese, so naturally, I wasn't accustomed to the taste when I went away to college.

In college, I would see many people eating cottage cheese at the cafeteria. Especially the guys and girls who had just returned from the gym would have a bowl of it. I could never understand how they liked that stuff because it doesn't taste that great.

Then, I started seeing the campus dietitian for help on losing weight. She helped me put together a diet plan and exercise routine that would work for me. One of the foods she suggested was cottage cheese. She told me that it's rich in protein and low in calories and that it would give me the energy I need. She also recommended having a bowl before I went to bed, especially on the days I work out to reduce muscle loss.

Now, I eat cottage cheese everyday. Sometimes I add fruits or nuts in it to make it taste better. But I make sure to have it for its weight-loss and muscle-building benefits.

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