What Are the Benefits of Carnosine?

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Carnosine is a substance that is manufactured in the body from dietary proteins. It is often sold as a dietary supplement. The benefits of carnosine as a supplement have not been fully investigated. In spite of this, various groups have claimed that carnosine may perform a number of beneficial functions including anti-aging, improvement of Autism symptoms, improved functionality in people with brain disorders, and heightened sports performance.

The amino acids beta-alanine and histidine join to make carnosine. Carnosine's biological role has yet to be understood, but the dipeptide is found naturally in the tissues of the brain and muscle. For this reason, much research has been done and is still underway to explore how carnosine supplements may help to build brain and muscle power.

Anti-aging is the most widely marketed of the benefits of carnosine. The claim is based on the fact that carnosine has antioxidant properties, meaning that it can help protect cells against damage caused by free-radicals. Many supplement manufacturers have used this fact to make a case for carnosine as an anti-aging supplement. Several studies have been performed to test this theory, but most do not meet all of the research standards set forth by the scientific community. Therefore, scientists are unsure as to whether slowing the aging process is really one of the benefits of carnosine.


Other studies that did meet research standards have investigated the possible benefits of carnosine for children with autism spectrum disorders. These studies have show a possible link between carnosine and the improvement of autism symptoms, but more research is needed. Studies have also shown that people with Parkinson's disease and certain forms of dementia may also benefit from carnocine supplements.

Like anti-aging, sports performance has also been touted as one of the benefits of carnosine. Some weight lifters take carnocine as a way of improving vitality and supporting muscle performance. Yet studies on carnosine as a performance enhancer have shown no difference between weight lifters who were given carnosine and those that were given a placebo.

Though many of the benefits of carnosine have not been proven, research has shown that there are no side effects associated with the supplement.In most cases there will be no detrimental results if the supplements are taken as directed. Though no side effects have been reported, it is important to consult a medical professional before taking any supplements, especially in combination with other supplements or medications.


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