What Are the Benefits of Broccoli Juice?

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There are many health benefits to drinking broccoli juice, including boosting the immune system, protecting one's vision, and preventing certain diseases. Broccoli is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and drinking juiced broccoli is one method of reaping its benefits. Many people overcook broccoli, and in the process, they cook away many of its nutrients. Consuming raw broccoli juice helps preserve the nutritional value of the vegetable for the body's use.

Drinking broccoli juice provides an easy method for one to consume more of this nutritious vegetable. A person may find it easier to consume larger portions of broccoli when it is in liquid form than if it were solid. As such, juicing broccoli allows people to get more health-supporting nutrients for their bodies' use. The liquid form of this vegetable can provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber, for example, in a single sitting.

Consuming raw broccoli also helps a person absorb more of the vegetable's nutrients than if it were cooked. Cooking broccoli typically causes it to lose some of its nutritional value. A person might consider eating raw broccoli instead, but the raw form can be challenging to eat in large portions. In such a case, broccoli juice can be a viable solution.


The calcium content of broccoli juice is beneficial for the bones. In fact, this vegetable contains more calcium than some dairy products. Drinking broccoli juice allows an individual to take in more calcium without the fat, calories, and cholesterol typical of dairy foods. Additionally, a person who cannot drink milk might decide to drink this juice to get some of the calcium he needs.

A person's eyesight may also benefit from broccoli juice. In addition to being high in antioxidants, this vegetable also contains a chemical compound called lutein, which is found in many vegetables and fruits. This natural chemical compound helps prevent the deterioration of a person's eyesight as he ages. The juice of this vegetable is often combined with carrot juice, which increases its vision-related benefits because of the carrot's ability to help preserve eyesight.

Antioxidants and vitamins are abundant in broccoli juice and can help prevent both serious diseases and minor health issues, such as indigestion. Many people drink it in the hopes of preventing the development of cancer and heart disease as well. This vegetable also contains a substance called sulforaphane, which can help with ailments such as indigestion and might also help prevent cancer and infections that affect the stomach.


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Post 5

Will broccoli juice shrink my fibroids?

Post 4

I love broccoli juice. I typically juice it along with cucumbers and sometimes carrots to increase vitamin/mineral and overall juice content. I use two crowns (large) of broccoli, three cucumbers and six carrots with some added water or green tea yields about 80 oz of juice. It usually costs me under three bucks for these ingredients.

Post 3

@summing - How much broccoli does it take to make one glass of juice?

Post 2

@summing - No, it is just broccoli, or at least it is when I make it. You have to use a juicer, but there really is juice inside and it tastes like concentrated broccoli. Luckily I love the broccoli and drink a glass of the juice at least once a week. It is incredibly healthy for you and I really do feel better and more energetic after I drink some.

Post 1
Wow, broccoli juice, I have never heard of such a thing before.

So is it just broccoli, or do you mix it with other kinds of juices? Really, I didn't even know that broccoli had juice in it.

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