What are the Benefits of Belly Dancing Classes?

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Belly dancing classes can be beneficial in many ways. Many people find toning their abdominal area to be quite troublesome. Belly dancing can be a good way to strengthen and slim stomach muscles. Socially, belly dancing classes may work well for some people, as typically the mood is fun and lighthearted. Learning belly dancing and appearing in group performances wearing exotic costumes can also be a fun experience.

Belly dancing costumes are often two-piece top and pants sets that feature bright colors and sparkling stones or beads. Moving airy scarves as one dances can be an interesting form of self-expression. Rings of small bells worn around the feet can really add an exotic flavor to a belly dancing costume; they also help create a musical rhythm to the dance. Being able to belly dance has the benefit of having a creative skill to use in an amateur talent show or just for a wife to do as a surprise for her spouse.


Instead of taking the same type of cooking or art class at a community center or local school, choosing belly dancing classes can get people out of their comfort zone by trying something new. Starting with a beginner's class with others who haven't belly danced before can be a good social experience, as most people find the lessons fun. The tone the teacher sets is often easy going so people who aren't dancers don't feel competitive or frustrated. The music played during belly dancing classes is usually upbeat to get people moving.

If the swaying and bending movements of belly dancing are done regularly, they can have the benefit of strengthening and toning the abdomen. Vigorous belly dancing can also be a good fat burner. Belly dance lessons often make an interesting workout. For instance, once-a-week belly dancing classes can be fun to look forward to by exercisers stuck in less interesting workout routines.

Some people who take belly dancing classes find that doing so helps them reduce back or joint pain. This may not be true for everyone, and a doctor's permission should be sought before enrolling in a belly dancing class. Pregnant women may benefit by belly dancing to help prepare their body for childbirth, but again, a doctor's okay should be received before taking any classes.


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Post 4

Belly dancers do have great stomachs. I'm a man and I would consider taking the classes as a way to get rid of my spare tire around my midsection.

Post 3

My girlfriend teaches dance classes at the school of dance in the city. She has a couple of classes a week. She doesn't teach belly dancing, but the school does have a belly dance instructor and belly dancing classes.

My girlfriend took one of the classes last year just for the fun of it. She enjoyed the class. I was a bit surprised when I went to pick her up from class one evening.

Believe it or not, most of the students in the belly dancing classes were senior citizens. Maybe this doesn't surprise anyone else, but this wasn't what I expected. I guess I see senior citizens taking waltz classes and classes teaching dances they did when they were younger.

Post 2

@Laotionne -I watched a group of professional belly dancers perform once when I was on vacation in Asia. They were mesmerizing. All the men and women in the audience couldn't take their eyes off of the dancers. This was probably for different reasons, but either way, the show was spectacular and there was not a dull moment during the entire performance.

Post 1

My brother's girlfriend took a local belly dancing class at the community center last year. She had seen belly dancers on TV and she thought they were sexy, so she decided to give it a try. She lost weight while she was taking the classes even though that was not the reason she signed up for them.

She is aware of my constant battle to shed some of my extra pounds, so she suggested I give the belly dancing classes a try and see how the classes work for me. I do think learning the dances would be fun, and if I lost weight then that would be icing on the cake.

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