What are the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

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Apple cider vinegar has long been touted as a folk remedy for everything from curing warts to numbing jellyfish stings. The vinegar, which is made from double fermenting apple cider to form a highly-acidic, sour liquid, is sometimes described as a cure-all tonic, good for whatever ails anyone. Apple cider vinegar pills are easily found at many grocery stores, particularly those which feature nutritional supplements. Although medical research has reneged many of the supposed benefits of these pills, some studies suggest that people with certain conditions could see improvement if they are used as a supplement.

Little medical research has been conducted on apple cider vinegar in liquid or pill forms, but most shows that its reputation as a folk remedy is uncertain. The acetic acid that is present in apple cider vinegar is somewhat astringent, which probably leads to the suggestion of its use as a cure for acne, warts, inflammation and as a counter-agent to jellyfish stings. Even where research has shown that apple cider vinegar may have benefits, however, the exact reason for its positive effects is usually unclear.


Some home remedy websites suggest using diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner to help control acne or skin oil, particularly for those who are sensitive to chemical agents found in commercial products. Regardless of its benefits, most skin treatments involving apple cider vinegar suggest topical application, rather than ingesting supplemental pills. Recipes for skin toner including vinegar are easily found online, and can often be made with pantry ingredients.

Research has shown that people suffering from diabetes and obesity may see some beneficial effects from taking apple cider vinegar pills. Although the research is hardly exhaustive and often unclear, some experts believe that the vinegar may lead to a slight reduction in glucose levels, which can improve the health of diabetics. Experts warn that a medical professional should be consulted before beginning a regimen of apple cider vinegar, however, as the vinegar can adversely affect insulin levels in diabetics.

Some studies also show a correlation between weight loss and low doses of apple cider vinegar. Although it is unclear why, people may feel full more quickly if vinegar is consumed along with a meal, thereby curbing appetite and helping with weight loss. Although vinegar pills are often marketed for their weight-loss boosting abilities, some experts suggest that the same effect can be gained from including vinegar in the meal, such as in salad dressing.

Many experts recommend consulting a healthcare professional before taking apple cider vinegar pills or any type of nutritional supplement. Because few supplements are regulated by government agencies, the full effects or risks of adverse effects may be unknown. Despite conclusive medical research, many people swear by the health benefits of these pills, leading to a call for more intensive and exhaustive research to be done.


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Post 13

I have been drinking one tablespoon of ACV mixed in a glass of water before breakfast every day with the intent of lowering my blood sugar. I have not had my blood sugar checked yet, but I am no longer constipated, which has been a lifelong problem of mine! ACV rocks!

Post 12

I can see how these pills suppress appetite. One of apple cider vinegar uses is cleaning and it works great for breaking up oil and fat. I'm assuming it does the same thing with fat in the body. What do you guys think?

Post 11

@turquoise-- I don't agree because the tablets are easier on the stomach. I have a sensitive stomach and can't have anything too acidic. There is no way I can consumer vinegar straight-up, even if it's diluted. It's also bad for teeth like someone else mentioned.

I've been taking organic apple cider vinegar pills for a month for eczema and I've been seeing a serious improvement in my skin. I suggest people with skin problems to give it a try.

Post 10

@googlefanz-- I'm guessing that the pills are more potent but it might also have other additives in there that's not needed.

I'm not an expert, but if I were to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, I think I would use the real thing. They say that diluting some apple cider vinegar with some warm water and drinking this first thing in the morning helps reduce weight.

Also, apple cider vinegar is such a cheap thing, I wouldn't want to pay extra just to have it in pill form.

Post 7

I had heard that apple cider vinegar helps acid reflux. Is that true?

Post 6

@lightning88: About 10 years ago, I started to take the pills for weight loss. I took two pills about 30 minutes before each meal. I was not following a diet or an exercise program. It is a slow process, but within 8-10 months, I had dropped 20 pounds.

I've just recently (within the last five days) started to take them again with the purpose of weight loss. This time, I will be adding the exercise and watching what I'm eating. I'm hoping to achieve the same results. Good luck!

Post 5

I take apple cider vinegar pills i find it helps suppress the appetite! Raw ACV (liquid) is very hard on your teeth so i suggest the pill form.

Post 4

Is there any benefit using it for sinus conditions?

Post 3

Has anybody out there actually tried using apple cider vinegar to lose weight?

I always hear about how great it is, but it seems like I can never find anybody who has actually used it, either successfully or not.

Have any of you wisegeek readers done the apple cider vinegar diet, and did it lead to weight loss?

Post 2

@googlefanz -- I would think that it would be the same effect if you're just trying to use it for weight loss.

The only conceivable difference I could think of is that the raw apple cider vinegar would be absorbed into your stomach more quickly, but I don't know if that would make a difference.

I would consult whatever vinegar diet book or plan you're using for your weight loss -- they should tell you whether the pill form or raw form is better.

Post 1

If you want to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, is it better to take it in a pill or raw?

Does it even make a difference?

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