What are the Benefits of an Electric Massage Table?

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There are several benefits associated with owning and using an electric massage table from the prospective of both practitioner and client. This type of massage table offers greater stability, easier operation and adjustments, and provides greater comfort for the massage therapist and client. Another popular benefit of electric massage tables is their wide availability, and the various selections of style, model, and color. While electric massage tables are typically more expensive than the more traditional or portable massage tables, they are considered to be well worth the cost by experts in the field. Due to the weight of the table, electric massage beds are usually stationary, necessitating the need for clients to come to the practitioner for treatment.

Stability is one of the most important features of the electric massage table. It is not unusual for clients, especially those new to massage, to feel anxious and unsupported by the classic wood structures of most massage tables. The electric versions are made from metal, and are supported by a single thick pedestal in the center of the bed. Many clients notice that the bed remains stable while he or she climbs onto or off of the bed, as well as during the massage itself.


Most massage tables use manual screws fitted into the legs of the table to adjust for the height of the practitioner. This style of table requires the massage therapist to kneel down and change each leg of the table individually. It does not allow for height changes during a massage, and is a time consuming and arduous process. An electric massage table is designed to allow for height changes using a foot pedal installed in the pedestal of the table. If the client's comfort allows, the therapist may also adjust the height of the bed during the massage to accommodate specific techniques.

Electric massage table models are available in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors to suit the needs of the individual massage therapist. Though most electric massage tables are intended to be stationary, there are lighter, portable models manufactured for the professional that wishes to transport the table. Other models feature capabilities such as tilting the table, vibration settings, and different types of face cradles designed to enhance the client's comfort. This type of massage bed is also offered in a wide assortment of colors and designs, from those designed to mimic the appearance of traditional tables to those with very modern looks.


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