What Are the Benefits of an Alkaline Diet?

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It is said that a high level of acidity in the body can cause a number of health problems. Among these problems are fatigue, dental health problems, a poorly functioning immune system, premature aging, and pain. The alkaline diet has a number of benefits, including a higher level of energy, healthier teeth and gums, reduction in illnesses, and a decrease in levels of pain. It is also claimed that the alkaline diet has the ability to slow down the aging process.

If the body's cells are not functioning correctly, the body will not be able to transfer and hold oxygen. This is the reason for decreased energy levels and complaints of fatigue. Adenosine troposphere (ATP) is a key factor in increasing a person's energy level, and the body's production of ATP depends on pH level. It is claimed that the alkaline diet can reduce the acidity that prevents ATP from being created thus increasing an individual's energy levels.

Acid in the mouth causes bacteria to grow rapidly. An increased rate of bacterial growth creates a heightened chance of developing oral problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay. The alkaline diet can effectively reduce the level of bacteria created in the mouth and lower the risk of dental problems.


Proponents of the alkaline diet claim that the healthier the body's cells are, the better it is at eliminating waste. Weakened cells do not eliminate waste products effectively and leave the body open to invasion by infectious organisms. The body's cells do not function at their peak level when the pH level is too acidic.

The body needs magnesium to help joint and tissue functions. A diet with too much acid in it supposedly causes the body to use up its stores of magnesium to control this influx of acidity. As a result, there is less magnesium left to combat aches and pains. With the alkaline diet, the body will supposedly not need to waste its magnesium reserves, leaving the mineral available to help the joints and tissues.

As cells do not function at full capacity when the body's pH level is too acidic, their ability to repair themselves also suffers. It is known that aging comes from the body slowing down in its efforts to repair cells. When these cells fail to get an adequate level of oxygen, toxins remain in the body and contribute to premature aging. With an alkaline diet, the body is supposedly able to cleanse itself and to repairs cells more rapidly. The result is said to be a reduction in the speed of the aging process.


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Post 3

I was not sure that an alkaline diet would benefit me in the beginning but now I'm convinced. I have been following an alkaline diet for several months and the changes are remarkable. I feel better, I have more energy and my chronic allergies have reduced. I think that an alkaline diet really does protect from illnesses.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Whole foods, fruits and vegetables mostly make up an alkaline diet. Meat and dairy are acidic food groups.

Some of the best foods to eat in the alkaline diet are spinach, raisins, potatoes, cauliflower, bananas, green beans and tomatoes. At the same time, you want to reduce cheese, beef, chicken and yogurt in your diet.

Before doing anything though, buy some test strips and test your pH level. If it's acidic, then try to eat mostly alkaline foods. If your pH is alkaline, then a diet with 60% alkaline foods and 40% acidic foods is ideal. The latter will maintain an alkaline pH in the body. But if you are acidic, then you need to reduce acidic foods more.

Post 1

So what should I eat to make my body alkaline? Which foods are recommended?

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