What Are the Benefits of Almond Milk versus Soy Milk?

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One of the primary benefits of almond milk versus soy milk is that it can be enjoyed by people who are allergic to soybeans. Some people may also prefer the taste of almond milk versus soy milk as well. Almond milk may also have fewer calories and grams of fat than soy milk. Unsweetened varieties may also have less sugar than soy milk.

While both almond milk and soy milk are suitable to drink for people who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy products or who follow a vegan diet, soy milk may not be the best choice for people who also cannot consume soybeans. Some people choose almond milk versus soy milk because they are concerned about genetically modified soybeans. Others are allergic to soy and dairy and choose to drink almond milk instead.

A few people find that the deciding factor with almond milk versus soy milk is the taste. Some soy milks, particularly unflavored and unsweetened varieties, can taste very much like beans. The taste of almond milk is more mild and slightly sweet. Since almond milk's taste is sweeter, it usually works better when used in baked goods or on top of cereal. Soy milk is typically more suited to savory applications, such as being added to mashed potatoes or casseroles.


Both almond and soy milks are available with added flavoring. A person can buy chocolate almond milk and chocolate soy milk as well as vanilla varieties. Flavored varieties may have a lot of additional sugar, though unsweetened vanilla almond milk is also available.

The nutritional content of almond milk versus soy milk is very different. Almond milk usually has fewer calories. An 8 ounce (227 g) glass of almond milk can contain as few as 40 calories while an 8 ounce (227 g) glass of soy milk usually contains 80 or 90 calories.

Almond milk usually also contains fewer grams of fat than soy milk. Both almond and soy milk are cholesterol free, and do not contain very much saturated fat. Sugar is usually added to both soy and almond milk, though a person who is trying to limit sugar can choose an unsweetened variety.

Since soy and almond milk are not naturally high in calcium as cow's milk is, a person should look for a variety fortified with vitamin D and vitamin B12. Almond milk itself is a good source of vitamin E, potassium and manganese.


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