What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Hair Loss?

Andrew Kirmayer

There are different reasons for hair loss; it can occur due to a condition called alopecia, or because of male pattern baldness. Sometimes the immune system can attack the hair follicles, or there is not enough blood supply to the scalp. Acupuncture for hair loss is a holistic method that can be performed with the intent to reverse the process of baldness. An ancient Chinese technique, there are many uses of acupuncture that can be used to treat nearly any medical ailment. There are some claims that it is a beneficial hair loss remedy, but as of 2011 there is no specific research that supports the theory that hair growth is stimulated by acupuncture.

A man with hair loss.
A man with hair loss.

Holistic specialists typically say that acupuncture for hair loss restores the body’s energy to the follicles. The flow of energy is believed to be restored by inserting needles into certain parts of the body. They can be put into parts of the scalp to stimulate blood flow as well. This benefit to acupuncture for hair loss usually enhances circulation in the scalp, which typically promotes the health of surrounding tissues. Such treatment might be able to treat a medical condition that causes the circulation to be restricted.

A man starting to lose his hair.
A man starting to lose his hair.

Other benefits include the possibility of muscle relaxation and relief from nervousness that acupuncture sometimes provides. People with a phobia of needles can be frightened by the procedure and therefore avoid it because of the stress. Typically not painful, acupuncture for hair loss is sometimes recommended by medical professionals for treatment in men and women with certain medical conditions.

In addition to blood flow and hair follicles, acupuncture for hair loss can also stimulate the different layers of the skin. Once the needles are in place, a specialized hammer is sometimes used to press on them at various points. Multiple sessions are often scheduled each week, while other herbal medicines can be administered throughout the treatment time. Some herbal supplements are believed to help with hair growth.

While acupuncture for hair loss may have health benefits, experts often suggest dietary recommendations to maximize the potential success. Nutrients such as vitamins, iron, and protein are substances generally needed by the body, and deficiencies can affect hair growth. Dietary changes are, therefore, often suggested when people seek acupuncture for hair loss. Optimal levels of nutrients can help improve overall health as well as stimulate follicles, along with the possible benefits of using acupuncture to grow hair.

Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment that involves stimulating certain points on the body with needles.
Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment that involves stimulating certain points on the body with needles.

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I think acupuncture also helps with hair loss by reducing stress. I feel so relaxed and happy after my acupuncture sessions. I know that I tend to lose more hair when I'm very stressful, so this is a great way for me to fight both stress and hair loss.


@turkay1-- I'm not an expert on acupuncture and I can't explain to you how it works to reduce hair loss. All I know is that it works.

I've been going to acupuncture once a week for the past two months and my hair loss has reduced significantly. I did not do any other treatments during this time.

My acupuncturist says that when we have an internal imbalance in our body, it causes problems like hair loss. Acupuncture not only increases circulation in the scalp, but it also helps re-balance energy in the rest of our body.

I tried those anti-androgen medications you mentioned. They seemed to work but caused a hormone-imbalance and a bunch of side effects related to it. Acupuncture doesn't have any negative side-effects.


I don't see how acupuncture can help with hair loss. Hair loss happens when the body produces too much DHT hormone. We have DHT hormones in our hair follicles and when there is too much of it, it damages the follicles and causes hair loss.

The only way to treat this is to inhibit DHT production and this can be done with anti-androgen medications. I don't think acupuncture can do anything about this.

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