What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Cancer Treatment?

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The centuries old practice of acupuncture is an alternative treatment that has been shown to help relieve pain in cancer patients from all over the world. It is a technique of pain relief discovered and developed in ancient China, which was mainly practiced on warriors returning from the battle field. The local medical practitioners discovered that applying pressure by inserting needles, and other tools, in specific points of the human body caused easing of pain on various affected areas. These areas are commonly called acupuncture points, and they are basically nerves within the human body that connect to various different areas within the body. After decades of development, this method still exists and it is practiced and preferred by many.


Acupuncture for cancer treatment works on the same principle as other diseases or wounds. It aids the patient in managing with the side effects of cancer. The main goals of acupuncture for cancer treatment consist of helping the ill with their nausea and pain in general. In addition to its benefits, acupuncture is a means of getting rid of the side effects of the most widely used cancer treatment — chemotherapy. Combined with the latter, acupuncture for cancer treatment reduces vomiting and can even improve the overall immune system of the patient. The method’s greatest benefit is that it is natural; no chemistry is involved in the acupuncture treatments of cancer patients. Moreover, it aids in cancer-related side effects caused by, for example, environmental forces, toxic substances and ultra violet rays.

There is a scientific explanation for the high success rate of acupuncture for cancer treatment, even though it seems to be an alternative technique. Generally speaking, it inducts physical response in nerve cells all over the body, and the brain, as well as the pituitary gland. Acupuncture is known to serve as a treatment for other diseases such as back pain, migraines, infertility and allergies, to name a few. Despite some still denying the effectiveness of the procedure, the majority of medical practitioners agree on its effectiveness.


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