What Are the Benefits of Acupressure for Hair Loss?

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Acupressure for hair loss involves both prevention and treatment for the problem that affects males and females throughout the world. While it is not guaranteed that acupressure will regrow hair, especially when hair loss is due to heredity, it can help to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and clear energy centers in the body. The practice of acupressure feels good because of the massage aspect, which helps with relaxation and can be beneficial if the hair loss is being caused by stress.

There are multiple pressure points in the body that are utilized in the treatment and prevention of hair loss. Acupressure for hair loss focuses on one located directly on top of the head, known as the Paihui spot. This pressure point can be rubbed and stimulated several times a day, along with a full head massage, to help invigorate the blood vessels in the scalp. Since blood vessels are responsible for the nourishment and growth of hair out of the follicles, it is possible that this stimulation can help new hair grow.


Other locations for acupressure for hair loss occur on the back, stomach, and abdomen. There are multiple spots in these areas that can be massaged regularly to help stimulate glands and organs in the body. Acupressure helps to unblock major energy centers in the body, which are thought to lead to a variety of ailments, including hair loss. When the energy centers are flowing free, even if they are not located on the head, it is believed by some that healing can occur throughout the body.

Some people lose hair due to a high-paced lifestyle or living in a stressful environment. Acupressure can help relieve stress because the massage is relaxing when it is performed regularly. It causes an individual to take a break from what he or she is doing to rest for a bit, which naturally helps to reduce stress. When done multiple times per day, an individual begins to benefit from the stress-relieving breaks.

When using acupressure for hair loss as a treatment approach, it is helpful for individuals to speak with a physician or acupuncturist to find out the exact spots that should be massaged regularly for best results. Since each person is different, it is possible that a combination of treatments should be prescribed. A change in diet, herbal remedies, and prescription drugs can all help the efficacy of acupressure for hair loss.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- I tried it too, but unfortunately I didn't see any difference in my hair. I think acupressure is more beneficial for some than others.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Acupressure and acupuncture are similar. They are both therapies that use pressure points of the body and they were both developed in China. But the methods each uses are a bit different.

Both acupressure and acupuncture can be tried for hair loss. I've been going to acupressure therapy once a week for the past two months and my hair fall has slowed down.

Acupressure is great for hair loss that's caused by stress and disease. Like the article said, it helps improve circulation to the scalp.

I also feel relaxed when I get acupressure. I feel less tired, more energetic and more peaceful. I believe acupressure helps re-balance the body. It also helps us remove

toxins from our system.

It takes several weeks to start seeing its effects for hair loss (at least that was the case with me) and I'm not sure if my hair loss will increase if I stop the therapy. But since I've been experiencing so many positive effects from it, I plan on continuing the therapy for a long time.

Post 1

Has anyone tried acupressure for hair loss? Did it work? How many sessions did it take to see results?

Also, what is the difference between acupressure and acupuncture? I think they can both be used for hair loss right?

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