What Are the Benefits of Acupressure for Blood Pressure?

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The main proven benefit of acupressure for blood pressure is its effects on relieving stress and promoting relaxation within the body and the brain by using applied pressure on certain points of the body. Research indicates that this makes acupressure, a form of acupuncture, responsible for the natural, but slight, lowering of blood pressure in many individuals suffering from low to moderate hypertension. It is believed that acupuncture, due to its relaxation properties, may be beneficial in relieving inflammation associated with high blood pressure, yet more research is needed to prove this theory. More often than not, most individuals can easily practice acupuncture for blood pressure lowering along with following professional medical advice from a physician.

There has been shown research into the effects of Eastern medicine on the physiology of the human body, particularly regarding acupressure and blood pressure. Studies have shown that when acupuncture needles are inserted into the correct insertion points on the body, as outlined by Eastern medicine procedures, blood pressure can decrease. Compared to an equivalent sham therapy in the study, true acupuncture was shown to equal one day of drug therapy in some patients. Researchers argue that acupressure for blood pressure treatment would be more suitable for those with low to moderate hypertension, and not for those with severe blood pressure issues.


One theory as to the effects of acupressure for blood pressure is that the practice promotes deep relaxation, which naturally results in a drop of breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. It is uncertain as to why acupuncture needs to be practiced on certain areas of the body to take effect. Most researchers do agree that whether the acupuncture is in the form of needles, massage therapy or tapping on the body, relaxation is the main driving force behind the effects. Since acupressure is simply a form of acupuncture, both are seen to aid in relaxation.

Many doctors believe that acupressure for blood pressure should be seen as a complementary approach to traditional Western medicine and advice. Researchers on the effects of acupressure for blood pressure believe exercise and medicine are more practical for most people than seeing an acupuncturist three times a day. Along with relaxation through acupressure or other means, controlling salt and being active are other proven ways of controlling blood pressure. More often than not, these tools, combined with complementary approaches, may fill in a rounded approach to bodily health.


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