What are the Benefits of a Salt Lamp?

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A salt lamp is a lamp made from a hollowed out solid piece of rock salt crystal, which is then placed over a standard incandescent bulb. While claims of health benefits have not been scientifically verified, many advantages have been attributed to salt lamps due to their ability to generate negative ions in much the same way as ionizing air purifiers. It is thought that these negative ions bond with positive ions, also known as free radicals, in the air, improving air quality and providing relief from many minor ailments while improving overall health.

Soothing, warm light is generated by a salt lamp. The light generated may be of several shades, as impurities in the salt can create slight color variations. Colors range from yellow to orange to pinkish, and reddish or brown tones are not uncommon. Many studies have shown that warm shades of light can provide a soothing effect and help reduce anxiety and stress.

Many aspects of general health are thought to be improved by salt lamp therapy, also called speleotherapy, a term which refers to salt therapies of all types. Increased energy, sexual function, alertness, productivity, and happiness have been attributed to these lamps and their use. While some believe that the benefits derived from the lamps are due to a placebo effect, many users insist the lamps improve their health.


The negative ions said to be generated by a salt lamp are said to have many beneficial effects for those suffering from respiratory ailments. Those suffering from hay fever, allergies, asthma, and sleep apnea have reported varying degrees of relief from their symptoms. The lamps are also thought to remove odors and other impurities from the air.

Those who work around electronic equipment, like computers, are thought to benefit from salt lamps as well. Electronics are believed to generate positive ions, which are countered by the negative ions generated by the salt lamp. This effect is thought to reduce stress and anxiety, help relieve high blood pressure, and generate a general feeling of well-being.

Other health problems reputed to benefit from these lamps include blood and liver problems, hypertension, neuralgia, rheumatism, sinus and migraine headaches, and hormonal imbalances. The lamps are are said to help boost the immune system. Also, the negative ions produced by the lamp may help reduce bacteria in the air, reducing risk of disease.


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