What are the Basics of Patio Chair Repair?

Dan Cavallari

A broken piece of patio furniture is not necessarily destined for the garbage bin, but some knowledge of patio chair repair techniques will be necessary to salvage the damaged furniture. Start by determining what needs to be fixed: the process for fixing a wood chair frame will be different than fixing a metal one, and some types of upholstery may be able to be repaired, while others may need to be replaced entirely. Determine what parts of the furniture require patio chair repair, and then determine what parts will need to be replaced. Make a determination if the process of patio chair repair will be worth the time and effort, or if simply replacing the chair will be a better option.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Repairing a chair frame may be difficult, especially if the chair is made of metal. Certain metals are somewhat brittle, and they will break rather than bend when impacted. Aluminum has this tendency, and when an aluminum leg snaps, little can be done to repair it. The leg will need to be replaced, at which point the owner may have to contact the chair manufacturer to get the correct part. If the chair is made from heavier-duty metals such as steel, the chair leg or frame can be welded back together. Welding should be done by a professional, however, as it is dangerous and requires some skill. Wrought iron chairs will not generally break, since this metal is quite heavy-duty, but such chairs can rust easily and will need to be sandblasted or sanded gently to remove the rust. Paint or other protective materials can then be used to re-coat the metal.

Wood chairs can be glued back together if the damage is minimal. Major patio chair repair for wooden chairs may involve installing a brace or support screws, installing dowels, or even replacing the damaged piece of frame. Carpentry skills will be necessary, though most of the repairs will be fairly simple.

If patio chair repair seems worth the effort, but the chair owner is not confident that he or she can do the repair alone, he or she may want to consider hiring a patio chair repair service. These experts can come to the owner's home to assess the damage to the chair and give an estimate as to how much the repair will cost. In most cases, the repair will be fairly inexpensive and quick, meaning the owner may have a functional chair that same day. Other repairs may take much longer and be more costly, and the owner will have to make a determination as to whether the repair will be worthwhile.

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@spotiche5- The first thing that you need to do is to turn your chairs upside down to determine how the upholstery is attached. Whether it is stapled down, attached with screws, or tacked into place, you will need to attach the new material in the same way.

Next you will need to purchase fabric that is either waterproof or labeled for indoor and outdoor use. Measure the chair surfaces that need to be covered first so you get the right amount of material to do the job.

You will also need to get new tacks, screws, staples or other hardware to secure the new material into place. You will also need the tools required to attach the type of hardware you will be working with.

Finally, set aside at least a few hours to re-upholster your patio chairs. If you follow the pattern of the old upholstery, you shouldn't have any problem replacing it and attaching the new material.


I'm looking for some tips for repairing patio chairs that are covered in material. I have some that have worn, tattered-looking coverings, but the underlying structure of the chairs is still in good condition.

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