What are the Advantages of Telecommuting?

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For thousands of people around the world, the work week begins and ends inside their own homes. These workers have discovered the advantages of telecommuting, a work-at-home arrangement between employers and employees. Telecommuters often have the same responsibilities and workloads as their office counterparts, but they can perform their duties without a daily commute to a centralized location. Not all occupations are suitable for telecommuting, but the practice is usually seen as a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Some of the advantages of telecommuting are economical and environmental in nature. A telecommuting worker does not have to use a gas-burning vehicle to reach his or her workplace. There is no specific dress code for most telecommuters, so there is little need for expensive dry cleaning of business attire. Instead of spending significant amounts of money on restaurant food, telecommuters are free to prepare more economical meals at home. Telecommuters can also coordinate their working hours with family meal times.

Other advantages are more social in nature. Telecommuting workers may be able to coordinate their work schedules with spouses working other shifts. Working parents can provide their own daycare services, which is a considerable savings over commercial daycare centers' fees. Telecommuting parents are often available for medical emergencies or other needs. Working at home also allows workers to make personal appointments with fewer scheduling conflicts. Work hours missed during the morning can often be made up during the evening, for example.


Many work-at-home employees discover even more advantages of telecommuting over time. Workers who need a distraction-free environment can avoid the hectic atmosphere of a typical centralized office space. Superiors are less likely to create busy work for telecommuters who remain out-of-sight. Telecommuters may have to make occasional trips to the company for conferences or orientation, but they are not obligated to attend time-consuming daily meetings. One of the main sociological advantages of working as a telecommuter is avoiding many of the interpersonal hazards of a traditional office environment, such as office politics, morale-damaging gossip or distracting co-workers.


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Post 6

Interesting article that really summarizes the pros and cons of telecommuting. Also, I would like to add that the use of the right tools can make telecommuting far easier than how it is without them.

As for me, I've been a telecommuter for four years now. I enjoy the flexibility of my work schedule, my ability to choose where and when to work, and the savings I get from fares and lunch outs had I been working in an office.

Post 5

Comfyshoes-The disadvantages of telecommuting involve the lack of social interaction. A telecommuter is often lonely because there is no one around to talk to.

The quiet surroundings while ideal for a productive day sometimes are too much for a telecommuter. The best thing to do is to participate in forums regarding your line of work so that you can engage in a dialogue with people that are like minded and have similar interests and backgrounds.

Also, the flexibility of your work hours also may allow you to volunteer at your child’s school once in a while. It could be fun to interact with other parents and you can get extra work done the day before to compensate for this event. That is the beauty of working at home.

Post 4

Crispety-Those are huge benefits of telecommuting. I have to say that for the first time many stay at home moms can now earn an income and perform interesting work while being home.

It is also a psychological boost for the stay at home mom because she is using her skills and able to earn a little extra income that can make staying at home a more financially rewarding experience than before.

Many part time jobs in data entry allow telecommuting opportunities. Many stay at home moms create virtual assistant businesses in which they offer administrative assistant support for various companies from their home.

Also, some people continue their full time jobs, while performing their telecommuting job at home. This allows the part time telecommuter the opportunity to earn additional income to pay down some bills or save for an emergency fund.

Post 3

Anon84192- I agree with you. The article was insightful and interesting to read. There are a lot telecommuting advantages.

First, you have the flexibility to perform your work at various intervals throughout the day instead of eight hours straight like you would with a traditional employer helps plan your day.

This will allow you the opportunity to care for a young child without the need for day care because you can work early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the child sleeps.

Also, if the child is school aged then you will not have a problem picking him or her up at school when a traditional employer may frown upon you leaving work early to pick up your child.

In addition, if your child is ill and unable to go to school you can stay home with your child without any stress. These are the main telecommuting benefits and why many choose this line of work.

Post 2

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. --Lucy

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