What are the Advantages of Panel Homes?

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Panel homes, also called "panelized" homes, have been in existence for many decades. These homes are solidly built upon a permanent foundation and sold as regular real estate. Panel homes are not to be confused with mobile homes, which are not built upon a foundation. There are many advantages to panel homes that should be taken into consideration while shopping for home types.

The main reason why panel homes are so popular is that they are built with speed and efficiency. While a foundation is being prepared, a panelized home can be built indoors. In fact, all panelized home are built indoors, and then brought to the area where the foundation has been created. Thus, weather and other common home building restrictions do not alter building time.

Unlike homes that are built on-site, the materials used to build a panel home are not left outdoors for any length of time. This means that panel home materials are not subject to warping, cracking, or weathering. All portions of a panel home are left indoors until the entire structure has been completely built.

A panel home can be delivered, framed, and sealed in one day, which makes these homes a quick alternative to traditional homes. Homeowners can actually save money by moving into a panel home quickly, since home loans can be closed faster. Lastly, panel homes tend to be of better quality than traditional homes.


Panel homes are built inside of a controlled factory, which means that industrial tools are used to piece these homes together. Traditional homes are built using carpentry tools, though many factory tools are not available to traditional home builders. The result of a factory-made home is a house that is solidly pieced together by precise specialized tools.

Clearly there are many advantages to panelized homes, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. It is assumed that panelized home are cheaper to build than traditional homes, though this is not always the case. Frequently, a made-to-order panel home is more expensive than a traditional home. Further, homeowners may find it difficult to gain a clear price estimate prior to the construction of a panel home.

Many different factors will determine the price of a panel home, and most of these factors cannot be estimated until the home has been completed. When this fact is coupled with factory labor costs, often included in the price of a panel home, the result is an expensive home. Still, if you are looking for a house that can be built quickly, a panel home may be what you're looking for.


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