What Are the Advantages of Newspaper Advertising?

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There are many advantages of newspaper advertising that still make it a valuable marketing tool even in the modern age of multiple advertising channels. Newspapers allow advertisers the flexibility to choose the size and content of their messages and the ability to change the nature of ads from day to day. In addition, newspaper advertising reaches a wide swath of people in a geographic area who make it a habit to read the local paper. One of the other main advantages of newspaper advertising is that people have time to study the ad for all of its details and can even go back and look at it several times if necessary.

It is extremely difficult for advertisers to stand out in the crowded field of traditional broadcast media like radio and television. While newer technologies like websites and cell phones may offer novel opportunities, they are still relatively new channels which can be difficult for advertisers to manage. Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest methods of advertising available to companies of all sizes and budgets, and it can still be extremely effective when utilized properly.


The reach of newspapers, in terms of the number of people who read them within a given geographic area, is one of the reasons advertising in them can be beneficial. Although newspapers are declining in readership, many people still either start their days by having newspapers delivered to their residences, or read evening papers after their work days have concluded. A company or business that puts a well-placed ad in a local newspaper can be assured that a broad spectrum of people will view it.

One of the advantages of newspaper advertising, as opposed to advertising with broadcast media, is that a newspaper advertisement can be viewed many times. Whereas people might miss or ever change the channel on a radio or television commercial, it is hard for them to ignore a large ad in a newspaper. In addition, people can take their time reading a newspaper ad, making sure to glean all of the necessary information. They can even go back and reread it if they choose.

Another advantage of newspaper advertising is that it allows marketers to change the nature of their ads each day with ease. Whereas broadcast media ads take a long time to produce, a newspaper advertisement can be worked up in-house in a short time to be ready for installment in the local paper in a day or two. That capability ensures that newspaper advertisements will keep the message as current as possible.


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Post 4

It is great for restaurants that advertise in newspapers to be able to change their ads every day. Many places around town have daily lunch specials, and they can switch out the ad copy each day.

There is one restaurant near me that has a vegetable of the day and a soup of the day. They don't stick to a certain schedule, so it is helpful to customers if they put the information in their daily ad. I use this ad to determine whether or not I want to eat there for lunch.

There is a good seafood restaurant that switches out its menu items every week, so they change their ad every Monday. One item, the catch of the day, changes daily, but everything else stays the same for the week. As a customer, I love knowing what my options are before stepping through the door.

Post 3

@OeKc05 – That is funny, mostly because I know so many people who do take the newspaper with them to the bathroom! Hey, whatever works!

I love going shopping on Saturday morning, and I always start my day by drinking coffee and eating a pastry at a local cafe while reading the newspaper. Many businesses have sales advertised for Saturday, and I have them all fresh in my mind because I have just read them. I take the paper along with me in case I forget about any of them or need an address of a store.

I read the paper every day, and if any place is having a special event or grand opening, I will clip that ad out and put it on a bulletin board. I can go back to it at any time if I forget the date or time of the event.

Post 2

If your business is in a small town, then newspaper advertising will have its advantages. People in small areas tend to rely more on the local paper for their news, and they inadvertently view the ads as they browse.

Many small businesses don't have the budget for TV advertising, but they would have no problem buying a small or medium sized ad space in the paper. They wouldn't have to pay a film crew or pay for expensive air time, and even just running the ad once could make it pay for itself.

Lots of local businesses will run ads with coupons in them in the paper. They know if their ads are generating customers by how many of them bring in the coupons. Even with the discount they are giving the customers, the increase in sales could be far more than the cost of the ad.

Post 1

I saw a humorous but true ad in a newspaper once promoting advertising in newspapers in general. The press association of that state had placed the ad, and I think it was very effective.

The ad had crudely drawn graphics of a toilet and a newspaper. The ad said that when you advertise on TV, people get up during your ad and go to the bathroom. When you advertise in the newspaper, they take your ad with them!

I'm sure this ad got plenty of chuckles, but it probably got some potential advertisers thinking. I have a feeling it might have resulted in a few ad sales for that paper and all the other ones across the state where it had been running.

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