What Are the Advantages of Mineral Foundation Makeup?

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The advantages of mineral foundation makeup are that it is naturally good for the skin, can be used with practically any skin type or color, and provides a lot of coverage without having to use a lot of product. All mineral makeup is made with natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy and do not contain the harsh ingredients used in other types of makeup. The rich pigment and other properties of the minerals make this type of foundation work well for many different skin types and colors. The most obvious benefit and what has drawn many people to using mineral foundation makeup is the way that it gives a flawless, natural look to the skin.

Mineral foundation makeup doesn't contain the chemical ingredients or fillers, such as talc and wax, that are often found in other types of makeup. Instead, it is made with natural minerals like titanium oxide and zinc oxide that benefit the skin. One such benefit is that it creates a natural barrier to ultraviolet rays, providing sun protection. These minerals also help keep needed moisture in the skin and control excess oil at the same time. The lack of harsh ingredients in mineral foundation makeup along with its natural anti-inflammatory properties make it a good choice for sensitive skin.


People of all skin types and colors have found that mineral makeup works well with their skin because its natural ingredients and high concentration of pigments make it suitable for almost anyone. Even though the pigment particles in mineral foundation makeup are very intense, they are not heavy when applied to the skin. This means that the makeup works with the skin's natural color and that one shade can look nice on a wide range of skin tones. Also, the gentle nature of the makeup means that it works for people with any skin type, including aging, oily, and dry skin.

Once applied, the look of mineral foundation makeup is often flawless and can transform the look of the skin dramatically. For many consumers, this is the advantage that they enjoy the most. The intense pigment in mineral foundation makes it good at covering scars, red spots, and other blemishes without looking or feeling heavy and caked. Light reflecting particles reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and add a brightness to the skin without any extra shine. All of these features combine to make skin appear flawless and glowing in a way that not every type of makeup can achieve.


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I made the switch to mineral foundation about two years ago. There is a Bare Minerals makeup store in our local mall. I first switched to just the Bare Minerals foundation, but I loved it so much that now I use their eye shadow, blush and concealer along with the foundation.

I love all of the benefits that this article mentioned about mineral foundation makeup! My main reason for switching from liquid foundation to mineral powder was the natural look it provided without irritating my skin.

Because I have some adult acne I was used to caking on make-up and concealer, but now all I have to do is brush a small amount of the high-pigmented

concealer powder on and then brush my face with the mineral foundation all over with a larger brush.

I don't think I'll ever go back to liquid foundation now that I've found mineral foundation! If you haven't tried it yet, you really should because this stuff is fabulous.

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