What are the Advantages of Metal Fence Posts?

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When constructing a fence around any perimeter, it is important to build a solid structure that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. The materials used in the fence construction will largely dictate how durable and attractive the final product will be, and the builder will have to choose the materials based on cost, durability, aesthetics, and availability. A good choice for a variety of fences are metal fence posts, which can work with chain link fences, wooden fences, or metal fences. Metal fence posts are generally easy to install, they are durable and long lasting, and they will not fade in direct sunlight.

Even when building a wooden fence, metal fence posts are a good choice for several reasons. First, and most importantly, they provide a strong support for the rest of the fence that will not rot, buckle, or otherwise bend from normal wear and tear. The posts must be sunk in concrete like any other fence posts, but once they are sunk, it is extremely strong, immune to rotting and sun damage, and provided it is coated with rust-preventing chemicals or paints, it will be long lasting and rust-free for years.


Steel fencing is becoming a more common choice for both residences and businesses because they are aesthetically pleasing and strong. Metal fence posts are often integrated into paneled sections of steel fence, making installation easier and reducing the number of parts necessary to build the fence. Such fences are versatile because they come in prefabricated sections, though they can also be cut if necessary to accommodate tight spaces or strange shapes. Metal posts, however, need to be placed at a shorter distance from each other to prevent bending.

Other advantages to metal fence posts include cost. They are much cheaper than wooden fence posts and are actually easier to install because they are generally smaller and round, whereas wooden posts are square, heavy, and sometimes difficult to position properly. They are also fireproof, which is a big benefit if the fence will be built near a house or out in the open where it may be struck by lightening. The metal posts can act as a grounding post should the fence get struck by lightning. When properly insulated, a metal fence post can be used in construction of an electric fence. Wooden posts can also be used for such an application, but using metal posts will cut cost and installation time.


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