What are the Advantages of Getting a Professional Manicure?

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Nail salons are all over the country in areas you may not even expect them to be in. You may consider it a luxury or a necessity to get a professional manicure, but either way, a large number of men and women get them every year instead of doing it at home. Whether you frequently get professional manicures or are considering doing it for the first time, there can be quite a few advantages to letting a nail technician handle your manicure instead of doing it yourself.

When you get a professional manicure, the nail technician will usually massage your hands. He or she rubs lotion into your cuticles and handles your hands so gently that it can be very relaxing. If you give yourself a manicure at home, it may not feel as relaxing as a professional manicure.

Another advantage to getting a professional manicure is that you do not have to worry about having your nails come out just right. It is the nail technician’s job to make sure that your nails come out perfectly. They know how to avoid mistakes and how to quickly fix them if one or two should happen. If you do a manicure at home, you may end up making more mistakes and taking longer to figure out how to correct them than if a professional were to do it.

When you walk into a nail salon, you may notice the dozens of bottles of nail polish color that are there for customers to choose from. Your nail polish selection at home may be severely limited, whether it be due to cost, space or lack of interest at purchasing them. If you get a professional manicure, you do not have to worry about having a limited amount of colors to choose from or having to buy the nail polish colors yourself.

Nail technicians are trained to be able to know how to do specific designs that you may want on your nails. If you do the designs at home, they could be much more difficult to accomplish and it may not look as perfect as if a nail technician did it. Getting a professional manicure gives you the opportunity to get any design that you desire and have it done perfectly.

Getting your nails done by a professional will almost surely result with you walking out with your nails the way you want. If you do them yourself, there may be a chance that it could take you longer and leave you less satisfied with the results.

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Post 2

@Pippinwhite -- I like the French manicure, myself. It's also age-appropriate for everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens. It never goes out of style.

Actually, I prefer the pedicure process. I love having someone rub my feet, and get all that dead skin off! I do have to ask the technician to not scrub too hard with that cheese grater looking thing. I have sensitive feet, and they can hurt if they get too enthusiastic with the scrubbing. I do love seeing all that dead skin go bye-bye, though. I think that's one thing I'm going to do for myself when I get my tax refund, and that's get a pedicure.

Post 1

It's just much easier to have someone else do your nails, and a professional has all the tools close by to do the work quickly. I think it's an angle thing -- sort of like trying to cut your own hair.

I also like all the nice extras you can get with a professional manicure, like the paraffin wax treatment and hand massage.

When I get a manicure, I usually go for the french manicure look, and that's nearly impossible to do yourself and have it done properly. But when it's done right, it's a neat, professional, lovely, put-together look.

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